LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)
LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)
LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)
LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)
LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)
LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)

LINKYO Replacement Yellow Ink Cartridge for Epson 69 (T069420)

MSRP $10.99 (Save 50%) $5.49
  • CONDITION Refurbished / Remanufactured
  • COLOR Yellow
  • COMPATIBILITY Suitable for use in Epson WorkForce 1100, 1300, 30, 310, 315, 40, 500, 600, 610, 615, Stylus C120, CX5000, CX6000, CX7000F, CX7400, CX7450, CX8400, CX9400Fax, CX9475Fax, N10, N11, NX100, NX105, NX11, NX110, NX115, NX200, NX215, NX300, NX305, NX400, NX415, NX510, NX515
  • WARRANTY 2 Year Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

The Epson 69 T069420 yellow ink cartridge supplies the ammunition needed for a variety of Epson all-in-one printers to provide brilliant color tones of yellow on its printed hardcopies. Whether you’re printing charts and graphs to accompany your PowerPoint presentations or a photo image, you’ve certainly noted the distinguished quality of printing that’s exclusive to Epson-branded printers. Nevertheless, there’s one thing that you most probably are concerned with in regards to maintaining your Epson inkjet printer – the cost of Epson ink cartridges. Hence, you’ve certainly had a desire for a cheaper means to receiving the same superior printing quality. So, is there such a way for your Epson printer to print copies that are of Epson cartridge quality without incurring an Epson cartridge price? As it turns out, there is such a solution in LINKYO’s remanufactured version of this Epson T0694 ink cartridge model.

 LINKYO’s remanufactured Epson T069420 yellow ink cartridges are made through an all-encompassing remanufacture process. We are so content with this comprehensive method of production that our remanufactured ink cartridges come with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee. This is because we begin the process by carefully selecting recycled manufacturer cartridges that are structurally suitable based on LINKYO’s stringent standards. Then, the cartridges are completely cleaned out and we check their components meticulously to assure that all overused parts are replaced with new parts. Finally, before they are sent out, our remanufactured cartridges are inspected to ensure they meet our remanufacturing requirements. By undergoing this method, we ensure that we produce an ink cartridge alternative that will match the printing capabilities of the original manufacturer’s cartridge. At the same time, we are able to provide you this alternate solution at a great low price, saving you money in the process. Also, LINKYO’s environmentally-green mentality means that we do what we can to ensure that our products, like the remanufactured ink cartridges, are made with stuff recyclable for other uses. 

So, if you’re ready to make a change in your Epson inkjet printer’s maintenance that will only result in a lower expenditure report, buy LINKYO’s remanufactured cartridge. Regardless of which Epson WorkForce or Stylus printer from the “Compatibility” tab, choose our inexpensive yet comparable remanufactured Epson 69 T069420 yellow ink cartridge.


Epson WorkForce Series 

1100 | 1300 | 30 | 310 | 315 | 40 | 500 | 600 | 610 | 615

Epson Stylus Series

C120 | CX5000 | CX6000 | CX7000F | CX7400 | CX7450 | CX8400

CX9400Fax | CX9475Fax

N10 | N11 | NX100 | NX105 | NX11 | NX110 | NX115 | NX200

NX215 | NX300 | NX305 | NX400 | NX415 | NX510 | NX515


“Please be advised that some printers might read the cartridges as low or empty when they're obviously not. This is because of changes to printer programming.” 

Tech Specifications

CONDITION refurbished
MPN # LY-T0694
PRODUCT # IN 003 2640
PRODUCT TYPE Pigment Ink Cartridge