SuperMediaStore SATA 1 to 1 Dual Layer/DVD/CD Duplicator Built-in ASUS 24X Burner

MSRP $176.00 (Save 18%) $143.00
  • TYPE CD/DVD Duplicator
  • WRITE SPEED Up to 48X (CD) and 24X (DVD)
  • DRIVES 1 CD/DVD Reader and 1 CD/DVD Writer
  • INTERFACE Standalone - PC Connection Not Required
  • WARRANTY  1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Description

SuperMediaStore SATA 1 to 1 Dual Layer/DVD/CD Duplicator Built-in ASUS 24X Burner 

Our SuperMediaStore series supports up to 14 targets. These duplicator systems are built in with a 250GB HD. SuperMediaStore series features “DHP Technology”, which creates a hard drive partition to the size of each master disc image so no HDD space is wasted. Optional USB 2.0 connection provides you with the convenience to make one of the DVD burner inside of your duplicator work as an external optical drive. It also features two new password protection modes to restrict unauthorized use of your duplicator. Best of all, the auto startup display features can be set to work with what you use the copier most often for, including simple copy mode, test mode, verify mode, and copy & compare mode. Beginners and advance users alike will find the system useful because of its speed, accuracy and reliability. All of which is enclosed in an up to 18-bay durable casing and feature a screw-less thumbscrew design. Also the enhanced vented air circulation design will improve the life of your duplication need. These durable cases are an ideal match for use with our high performance CD/DVD Duplicator controllers and the combination makes them one of the fastest and most reliable duplicators on the market today.

*Please note that duplicator will not copy any copy-protected discs.


  1. Complete stand alone, up to 14 target CD/DVD duplicator system: No PC required & fully stand alone
  2. Supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and Dual Layer DVD+/-R blank media.
  3. Duplicate 110+ 4.7G DVDs or 220+ 650MB CDs per hour with an 11 target system
  4. Built in 250GB Hard Drive (not available with 1 target system): With hard drive built into your duplicator machine, you can have your master disc image saved in the hard drive for later access, so your original master disc is protected from accidental damage.
  5. Ability to load disc image to HDD and rename the partition (not available with 1 target system)
  6. You can store disc image from source drive to HDD & rename the partition      for your future reference.
  7. USB 2.0 Connection (Optional): Provides you with option to make one of DVD burner inside of your duplicator work as an external optical drive. So you can burn your work from computer to a disc.
  8. Auto Start Strategy: Duplicator can be set to auto start without pressing any button regarding to users’ prefer wait time right after inserting the disc. This feature works on Copy, Test, Compare and Verify.
  9. Auto Source Disc Analyzing: Duplicator will automatically recognize the format of source discs and do a   conversion between DVD +/- R.
  10. Master Error Proof (not available with 1 target system): This feature enables the user to replace a bad master disc midway through the duplicating process without wasting additional media
  11. Set Burn Speed: Set the prefer burn speed for DVD, audio CD & data CD duplication, which is preferred by many audio & Video professional.
  12. Select Source (not available with 1 target system): Customer can choose one of the devices as reader such as DVD-ROM, DVD-RW & Hard Drive. (Due to the specification of DVD-RW drive the reading performance may not be the same as regular DVD-ROM drive.)
  13. Audio Track Edit: User can combine all the favor audio tracks from different CD Master into a single customized audio CD up to the capacity of the blank media.
  14. Button Beep (not available with 1 target system): Offer an option to turn off the button beep for silent operation.
  15. Error Avoidance Technology: By turning on the “Skip Read Error”, the machine will try to skip the minor     disc error by avoiding copy failure.
  16. 4 “Eject On Start” modes (not available with 1 target system): User can have the prefer start mode right after machine power ON. These modes include Eject All, No Eject, Eject Target & Eject Source.
  17. Clear Setup:  This feature sometime can be useful if user forgot what they done with the machine. It is good to always go back to original factory settings.
  18. DHP “Dynamic” hard drive partition Technology (not available with 1 target system): System creates partitions according to the size of each master disc image, therefore no HDD space is wasted
  19. Intuitive user-friendly LCD panel: Large easy to read LCD display and all features can be access by navigating four easy to use buttons.
  20. Rigorously tested for performance & reliability:  All the duplicators we sell are fully tested and set for overnight burn in before we ship out.
  21. 2 easy to use Password protection modes to prevent unauthorized usage (not available with 1 target system):  Our machine feature system boot up password protection for total restriction & setup password protection for personal setting preferences.
  22. Support Counter Function (not available with 1 target system): Show the total amount of successful and failure disc that you copy
  23. Enhanced vented air circulation design:  This will improve the life and burn for your duplication system. No cool down time needed.
  24. Comes with a 2 year warranty* and free life-time technical support.

    Why SATA?The Future of SATA TechnologyStarting 2009, all EIDE drives will be replaced by SATA drives. Replacements and repairs will be obsolete for EIDE drives. Look forward into the future of what SATA technology has to offer.

    Features & Benefits

    • Faster data transfer speed
    • Thin cables for easy routing
    • Improved cooling inside the duplicator chassis
    • Increasing product reliability



    Spartan SATA DVD/CD Duplicator Series

    Operating Type


    Internal interface



    From 1 to 14 targets

    Reading Speed

    16x DVD-ROM

    Maximum Writing Speed

    DVD-R: 8 ~ 24XDVD-RW: 8XDVD+R double layer: 12XDVD+R: 8 ~ 24XDVD+RW: 6XDVD+R9 4XCD-R: 48XCD-RW: 24X

    Supported Disc Formats

    DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, CD-DA (Audio CD), CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-ROM XA Mode 2, Multi-session Photo CD™, CD-I, Video CD, CD Extra (CD Plus), VCD

    Supported Recording Discs

    12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW12cm 8.5GB DL DVD12cm 80min/700MB CD-R12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R8cm 50MB Business CD-R



    External PC Link

    Optional USB 2.0  (for use with one external DVD+/-RW Drives)

    Power Adapter

    Input: 100 ~ 240V ACOutput: +5V DC, 3.8A

     Operating Temperature

    30°F ~ 100 °F

     Operating Humidity

    10% ~ 80%


    FCC, CE


    1 Year Limited Warranty

     * exclusively offers 2 years limited manufacturer warranty on all Supermediastore DVD duplicators. Manufacturer will provide free parts & labor against any manufacture defects for the first year of your ownership and also covers second year on all repair labor, inspection and assembly at no cost for the machine. Customer will be responsible for the cost of all parts needed to repair the duplicator within second Year of ownership. Manufacturer will include the one way return shipping charge for the first year. After one year, customer will be liable for both ways shipping cost on the second year of ownership. For warranty further information, please contact Technical Support: 1888-832-9619

    **Specifications are subject to change without notice.***The duplicator will not copy any copy-protected discs.

    Tech Specifications

    PRODUCT # HD 001 1289
    TYPE Dual Layer Duplicators