LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)
LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)
LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)
LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)
LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)
LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)

LINKYO Replacement Black Ink Cartridge for Epson 48 (T048120)

MSRP $6.95 (Save 43%) $3.95
  • CONDITION Refurbished / Remanufactured
  • COLOR Black
  • COMPATIBILITY Suitable for use in Epson Stylus Photo R200, R220, R300, R300M, R320, R340, RX500, RX600, RX620
  • WARRANTY 2 Year Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

 Your printer’s low ink level light just came on for the Epson T048120 black ink cartridge. There’s a good chance that you cringed a little at the thought of needing to get a replacement cartridge. The reason is because, while Epson printers have a longstanding tradition of excellence in the printing industry, there exists a specific, financially related problem with the use of Epson printers – the costly expenditures for its accompanying ink cartridges. Thus, this time around, you’ve opted to search for an inexpensive alternative. However, it’s also very important that you maintain the high standard of printed products that your target audience has been accustomed to since you switched over to one of the several Epson Stylus Photo printers that are listed under our “Compatibility” section below. So if you’re wondering whether LINKYO has a product that can meet these objectives, then we’re here to tell you that we certainly do. The solution lies in our remanufactured T048120 ink cartridge, one of our numerous recyclable products made catering to a green-oriented mentality. 

At LINKYO, we understand that amidst these tough times your budget may already be stretched thin due to your regular spending schedule. This is why we strive to provide affordable and effective substitutes for your printer supplies, such as our remanufactured ink cartridges. Each remanufactured cartridge is made through an extensive production procedure. We begin by meticulously selecting recycled manufacturer cartridges that we feel are befitting for remanufacturing based on their structural integrities. Then, the cartridges are cleaned of any residual ink or dirt remains. After that, our informed associates check the cartridges’ crucial components to identify any that are worn and unfit. These are replaced with new parts. To complete our ISO 9001 standardized remanufacturing process for ink cartridges, they are filled with superior quality printer ink. Additionally, before they are shipped to our customers, the remanufactured ink cartridges undergo one last inspection to assure their compliance with our precise requirements. It is because of our detailed production process that we are able to supply our distinguished remanufactured ink cartridges that will flawlessly replace the original manufacturer’s cartridges. We demonstrate our confidence in these cartridges by offering a hassle-free satisfaction guarantee of 2 years.

 Probably more substantial than any other detail is LINKYO’s ability to provide its remanufactured ink cartridges at an amazingly low price that is a fraction of the respective manufacturer’s cartridge. Therefore, to make a more cost-efficient decision for replacing your Epson printer’s T0481 black ink cartridge, buy our remanufactured Epson T048120 ink cartridge.

“Please know that because of printer programming changes, some printers might read a cartridge as low or empty when it is actually at or near full.” 



Epson Stylus Photo Series 

R200 | R220 | R300 | R300M | R320 | R340

RX500 | RX600 | RX620


Tech Specifications

CONDITION refurbished
MPN # LY-T0481
PRODUCT # IN 003 2625
PRODUCT TYPE Dye Ink Cartridge