What are the Main Features of HD-DVD Media

Superb audio-visual capabilities

HD DVD delivers all the capacity necessary for all sorts of recorded content, including movies and live performances. There are two kinds of single-sided HD DVD discs for content playback: the 15GB single-layer disc, and the dual-layer disc with double the capacity, a full 30GB. Using the latest compression technologies, the 30GB disc can store up to 8 hours* of 1,125-line HD images. Today's DVD has a capacity of 4.7GB and can contain 2 hours of 525-line standard definition (SD) images; the 30GB HD DVD has space enough for 48 hours of SD images.

* Playback time depends on data transfer rate.

Bonus content and interactive functions

A 2-hour HD movie eats up 8GB of space. No problem for HD DVD. Even the lower capacity 15GB HD DVD-ROM can hold a complete movie and whole lot of bonus content: extra scenes, cast and director interviews, a " making-of " documentary. Alongside content, viewers will be able to enjoy new levels of interactivity that add to the entertainment experience.

Note: 95% of today's movies run within 132 minutes.

Superior quality HD images on HD DVD-Rewritable

The DVD Forum has defined the standard for a single-sided, single-layer HD DVD-Rewritable disc with 20GB capacity that can accommodate about 5.5 hours of HD content. And look for more capacity in the forthcoming single-sided, dual-layer disc.

Advantages of common disc structure

The shared disc structure of HD DVD and DVD offers numerous advantages to consumers and manufacturers alike. Full backward compatibility allows consumers to enjoy their current DVD library and crystal-clear HD video on the same HD DVD player. DVD disc explicators can utilize their current production equipment with only minor modifications and quickly establish a worldwide manufacturing infrastructure to sustain HD DVD software business development. Moreover, the simple structure of a single-lens optical head that can accommodate both red and blue laser diodes will realize compact systems.

Doing business with HD DVD

The resilient HD DVD disc has no need of a protective cartridge, allowing development of slim PC drives with a single-lens optical head. An HD DVD drive in a laptop will far surpass DVD as a storage medium for images, video and large volumes of data. Business can look forward to the ability to store and easily access data-rich AV presentations.


Updated 3/28/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff