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Introduction to U3 Smart Drive Software
Updated 3/28/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

What is U3 USB Smart Drive?

Instead of having a simple data flash drive, the open-standard platform of the U3 smart technology provides users with more security and personalization. Software U3 users can bring their applications with them to any USB-equipped Windows 2000/XP PC System, regardless of administrative rights on the PC. As portable software, the U3 USB is a smart drive that eliminates the potential need to carry a bulky laptop around!


The U3 USB Flash Drive offers:

  • “Be Smart” Technology
    • A drive smart U3 program allowing software U3 users to have portable software in their USB flash drive
  • Launchpad Program
    • Gives software U3 users a friendly start menu similar to Windows OS (not available for Mac OS or Linux)
  • Controls for program installation
    • Provides software U3 users the capability to manage their U3 software
  • Ability to view, edit and synchronize files
  • Pre-loaded software
  • Security/ Password Protection
    • The drive smart U3 software works hard to not leave any personal data behind on PCs and it comes with password hint
  • The ability for software U3 users to Personalize any PC – “make any PC your own” with the ability to customize:
    • Desktop
    • Games
    • Webrowsers
    • E-mail programs
    • Instant messaging
    • Personal preferences

Who Created U3 USB Smart Drives?

The drive smart U3 technology was created by a private California based company called U3. U3 LLC is a joint venture company, which was co-developed by SanDisk and M-Systems. Co-created by SanDisk, U3 smart drives offer users the ability to take their favorite programs anywhere.


Who are U3 USB Smart Drive Customers?

Professionals that want the benefits of owning a smart drive with portable software that offers customizable applications.
Click here to view a list of great U3 Smart drives.


What are some of the U3 Smart Technology Features?

  • Plug & Play:
    • The drive smart U3 USB automatically recognizes the drive. Click “Add New Hardware” to start the program
  • Quick Introduction by Oddcast:
    • The drive smart U3 USB loads a talking presentation , guiding new U3 software users through:
      • U3 LaunchPad
      • U3 Platform features
      • U3 downloadable applications
  • U3 LaunchPad:
    • Using drive smart U3 USB technology, the launch pad is a program manager similar to the Windows XP start menu
    • Click on the U3 icon on the system tray to explore and manage documents and U3 applications
    • Left of U3 LaunchPad:
      • Shows installed applications
      • Shows Download Programs link connecting U3 software users to the U3 software catalog
    • Right of U3 LaunchPad:
      • Allows U3 software users to manage installed applications, the drive and access Help

Can I uninstall the U3 Launchpad?

Yes you can remove the U3 Launchpad from the drive smart U3 USB, however it is not advisable as it will configure the drive to be a single mass storage drive and maybe difficult to reverse. If U3 software users want to uninstall the program the uninstaller is available at **Remember to run the Sandisk U3 Uninstaller on Windows XP or Windows 2000 for it to function properly.


Can I reinstall U3 software after it being removed from the Launchpad?

Yes you can reinstall the U3 program. Software U3 users can access the Sandisk U3 Installer at: In some cases the SanDisk U3 installer did not function properly, thus leaving the user with a single mass storage drive. In other words, after attempt of reinstallation of the U3 software, the user is sometimes left with a regular USB memory drive.


Why do two drives show up when I plug in the U3 USB Smart drive?

The U3 USB uses two virtual drives, a removable drive and a CD drive. Drive smart U3 USB applications are in the removable drive and the CD drive initiates the U3 Launchpad program to run.


What happens if I forget my password for my U3 USB Smart drive?

There is a password hint feature with the U3 USB Smart drive, also allowing the U3 software user a certain number of login attempts before locking access to the drive. If your login attempts fail, the drive is locked permanently and the user will be forced to erase the data including installed applications.


How much space does the U3 USB Smart Drive consume?

Drive smart U3 USB utilizes a maximum of 5MB on a U3 USB Smart drive.