Tunes on the Go - CD Carrying Cases

The increased portability of CD and DVD players means that discs will be traveling along with them. The problem is to transport those discs safely so that they do not scratch, break, or warp. The latter is a particular danger if they are left in a car and exposed to the heat of the sun.

What is needed is a rugged container, and the steel CD cases from Atlantic Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif., fit the bill admirably. Made of metal over high-impact plastic, the Atlantic Taxi cases come in matte or glossy finishes in an assortment of colors, sleek and stylish without being heavy. Each heat-resistant case has interior removable sleeves to protect the discs and a sliding lock system to keep it securely closed, yet the contents easily accessible. The cases have either a 24-disc capacity ($11.99) or hold a prodigious 60 ($21.99); the larger model has a removable carrying strap so that it can be slung over the shoulder.

For those who prefer a soft case, Body Gloves from Fellowes, Inc., Itasca, Ill., offers a wide variety. Made from rugged neoprene and ballistic nylon in a full range of colors and styles, there is something here to please everybody. CD Player/Wallets are designed to hold 32 discs in protective sleeves within a zippered compartment, while a CD player is packed above it, held in place by a combination of elastic and Velcro straps. Depending on the style, they run between $9.99 and $24.99, and each has a built-in carry handle that fits the hand comfortably. Also available is a zippered, leather-like wallet ($15.99), whose double-sided, lined sleeves hold 64 CDs or DVDs safely, with a wrist strap for hands-free carrying.

Look for these protective items in music stores and mass merchandisers.