Toner Cartridge FAQs (Quick Tips)

Quick Answers to your Most Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Canon 106 toner cartridge (or any other toner cartridge) and I am getting poor quality printouts. What could be wrong?

Change the toner cartridge and print several pages. If the problem persists, it is most likely a service problem with the printer. If the problem goes away, it is most likely a problem with the toner cartridge. 

My Samsung ML-2510 printer says "LOW TONER" and I just put a new toner cartridge in - What should I do? 

It may sound silly, but have you ever put a "new" cartridge in the machine and the lower toner light goes on. You may have mistakenly put an empty cartridge in the machine. If your office is like most, the toner cartridge is usually stacked near the printer. Mark your boxes as empty to avoid the frustration of running out of toner when you have to get that document printed! 

Also, you can remove the toner cartridge (ML-2010D3 for the ML-2510 printer) and inspect it for a seal that needs to be pulled prior to operation. Often the seal has not been pulled and the toner is not defected in the printer. If this fails the product was purchased from, please contact us to request a RMA for an exchange or refund.

Horizontal White Line 

The HP Laserjet II/III model has a habit of vibrating the inside screws to the point that they will fall off into the cartridge. If you've ever seen a horizontal white line in the center of the page- it's probably a loose screw in the cartridge shutter. 

Small Black Dots 

Small black dots on the page can be due to a nick in the drum or PCR roller. Foreign objects in the printer or paper dust can scratch the drum. There is no fix for this as the drum is ruined. You need to change the cartridge. 

Thin Black Lines

Think black lines that seem to move from page to page could be a piece of hair in the cartridge. Thicker black lines that look like someone splashed ink on the page and has a "dripping" effect is probably due to static electricity. This is common in the winter months on the HP Laserjet II/III and the IBM 4019 as they use corona wire technology. Newer models PCR rollers which eliminte this problem. Clean the corona wire in the cartridge using the machine tool in the Laserjet II/III. In the IBM 4019 simply pull the blue tab on the cartridge. 

The Color of Print is Light 

  • The printer setting is use "toner save" mode, please renew the default mode. 
  • Opc is aging. Please replace it. 
  • The mirror of laser scanner is blurred with dust. Please clean it. 
  • The LBD of the laser scanner is aging. Please replace it. 

Scratches on Your Print 

  • If you're printing on glossy paper, prints may be scratched if not handled properly. Don't places objects on top of your prints, and be careful not to scratch them with your fingernails. For best results, frame your prints under glass. 
  • The film for fix image is attaint and need replaces. 
  • The temperature of heat on the potsherd is too low, you may need to replace the potsherd. 
  • The toner in the cartridge is not qualified, please use the regular one. 

Your Printout is Blurry or Smeared 

  • Make sure your paper isn't damp or curled, or loaded face down (the printable side should be face up). 
  • Replace the OPC. 
  • Load a new sheet of plain paper and press the paper button to eject it. Do this several times. If you still have a problem, ink may have leaked inside the printer, and you need to clean it. 
  • Align the print head 
  • Remove each sheet from the output tray as it is printed. 
  • Avoid handling printouts on glossy paper for a few hours to allow the ink to set. 
  • If ink smears on the back of a printout, clean the inside of the printer. 
  • If you are using double-sided paper and printing heavily saturated or dark images on the front side of the paper, you may notice that smudges or marks appear on the front when your print the second side. If one side of the paper will contain a light image or text, print that side first to eliminate marks or smudging.