The Future of HD-DVD Media

Shared production equipment minimizes cost, maximizes market access

The genius of HD DVDs is adoption of the same basic disc structure as DVD, allowing disc manufacturers to make full use of current production facilities and to minimize investment costs. Experience in setting up mass production lines for HD DVD discs shows excellent results, including production costs close to those for current DVD. HD DVDs can be produced and brought to market at a reasonable cost, a fact that is sure to spur early expansion of the medium.

Hardware and peripheral development to expand and advance

Rapid advances are being seen in the hardware that will promote the smooth transition to HD DVD, in everything from disc manufacturing technology to players and drives for PCs, including slim-line PCs. Digital video recorders under development also integrate HDD, which can record TV programs for archiving on HD DVD discs. In 2005, HD DVD players, recorders, and PC drives will all be brought to market and open the door to the age of HD DVD.

HD DVD content ready for release

The movie industry has declared its support for HD DVD. Hollywood's leading studios have made endorsements, and major Japanese content holders and distributors will join them in releasing HD DVD titles to support the launch of HD DVD hardware. Look for a wide range of titles, spanning everything from hit movies to nature programs and travelogues.

Highly advanced content protection technology

Content providers demand robust content protection. HD DVD is ready to provide just that. Commercialized HD DVD will integrate state-of-the-art protection technology. The highly secure system developed by AACS LA (Advanced Access Content System License Administrator) is expected to be selected.

Support for the next-generation OS

HD DVD is expected to set the standard in the PC environment. The format already supports the latest compression technologies used by Windows Media®, and full native support for HD DVD will be integrated into Microsoft's next generation operating system.

The DVD Forum's HD DVD lineup

The DVD Forum will eventually unroll a full line-up of HD DVD formats, including specifications for the following discs.

HD DVD Lineup
HD DVD-ROM (Ready-Only)

Single-sided: 30GB (dual-layer); 15GB (single-layer)

Double-sided: 60GB (dual-layer); 30GB (single-layer)

HD DVD-Rewritable

Single-sided :20GB(single-layer); 32GB(dual-layer,under development)

Double-sided :40GB(single-layer)

HD DVD-R (Recordable)


Double-sided :30GB(single-layer)