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More Tips for Taking Better Photos
Updated 3/31/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff


Here are some more tips that may help you capture all the unforgettable memories during the holidays.

  1. Take as many pictures as possible
    The more images you take, the better your chances are of getting that special shot. Because you don't incur any costs until you print your images, take as many shots as you can.
  2. Delete unwanted images 'on-the-fly'
    Immediately deleting images you don't want minimizes the task of deleting images because you're running out of storage capacity. When in doubt, save the image until you can view it on your computer monitor.
  3. Use rechargeable batteries
    Digital cameras are notorious for consuming batteries. Consider investing in an extra rechargeable battery. You can continue to take pictures while the other set is charging.
  4. Think big
    In most cases, the 8 or 16 megabyte (MB) card that came with your camera won't cut it. Get the highest capacity removable storage card within your budget. For most occasions, a 128MB card will suffice. Rapidly falling prices are making these cards very affordable-having more capacity than you think you'll need lets you concentrate on taking pictures and not filling up the card
  5. Get an external card reader
    One of the easiest and fastest ways to transfer images between the camera and computer is to use a card reader. This method is often faster than using the transfer cable that may have been included with your camera. In addition, if your camera does not have a docking / recharging station, the card readers avoid tying up your camera and draining its batteries when it is left on for long periods of time while transferring images.