What is the Return Policy?

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I received the wrong product.

Call one of our Customer Service representatives toll free at 1-888-434-1888 or email us at

How do I return my product?

*If your order has been processed (charged) then you cannot cancel your order. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required for all returns.

You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number within our Return or Warranty policy period. will not accept returns without prior authorization and a RMA number.

You can call 1-626-363-1490 ext. 1270, or email RMA Department at to submit your RMA request. You will receive an RMA number from our representatives. Please write this number on the outside of your return package as well as any invoices or packing slips included in the package. ***Please DO NOT write the RMA number on the actual item!***

*Some items require an additional RMA form; please see details within Defective/Non-defective policies.

All product returns for refund or exchange must include the original packaging. This included additional material such as: warranty card, software CD, all Cables, manuals and any other accessories that were initially shipped. may refuse the request of return if the product was not return with the complete package.

You can then send you package(s) to the following address:


17560 Rowland St.

Dock # D - G (AEUD)

City of Industry, CA 91748

All Return Merchandise Authorization Numbers are only valid for 15 days.

This means needs to received your returned products within 15 days after the RMA number is issued. Please follow the return procedure so that we may better assist you on your return issues.

Does accept partial returns? only accepts partial returns under the following conditions:

1. Multiple items placed in one order: If you placed an order with multiple products, you may only return the defective items in the order for credit or replacement. Non defective items may only be returned with a 15% restocking fee.

2. When ordering multiple packs of DVD-R: If any part of the order is defective, you may return or exchange the defective portion. If you simply do not like to quality of the disc, you may also return them but a 15% restocking fee will be applied to your return.

Are there additional fees for returns?

A 15% Restocking Fee will be applied to all NON-DEFECTIVE returns for refund. Shipping charges are non-refundable. No returns will be accepted after 30 days, unless otherwise stated.

All related fees (shipping & return shipping fees) are NON-REFUNDABLE for all products under all circumstances.

Shipping fees are paid to the shipping company and not to, therefore all shipping fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All returns must be shipped by prepaid freight with a tracking number.

All return items sent back to are to be prepaid by the customer. No COD or Freight collect returns will be accepted by

Is cross-shipping allowed?

Cross-shipping will only be accepted under special conditions.

1. The customer agrees to an up-front payment. In order for to process the accurate cross shipping request, customers will have to pay for the replacement product first.

2. Advanced replacement is only available when exchanging for the same exact product.All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Under no conditions will cross-ship any items 30 days after the original invoice date.

Physical damages to any product will void the product's warranty.

Modifying a product in a permanent way is considered as physically damaging the product and will void the product's warranty.

How do I determine if a product is defective?

Media Products (DVDs and CDs)

When the disc is simply not recognized by the burner. Upon receipt of the media, if your DVD burner does not recognize the media, it is usuallydefective, unless the wrong type of media is purchased. It is suggested that you as a customer should first determine the exact formats your drive is capable of burning. For more information on DVD formats, please refer to the DVD Media FAQs section of our website.

If media creates a coaster DURING burning, the media will have to be sent back and tested before we can verify that it is defective.

If the DVD Media you burn is able to be read by some players, but not others, the media is not necessarily defective. This is usually caused by the compatibility of the DVD Player rather than the DVD-R media.

If the completed DVD-R disc is playable on the computer, but not on a stand alone DVD player, the media is not defective. This is usually caused by incomplete authoring of the disc

If you simply do not like the quality of the media, it is not considered defective.In this case a 15% restocking fee may apply upon return. We will issue a credit back to your credit card but will automatically deduct the restocking fee.

Hardware Products

Please test you hardware on multiple systems to check if the hardware is defective. Upgrading the firmware usually solves many issues, so please consult the manufacturer for firmware downloads and installation directions. offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from the original invoice date. All exchanges can only be made for the same exact items. All returned hardware will be tested by our technical team to determine whether the part is defective. A 15% restocking fee may be applied.

Burners are usually considered defective under the following conditions:

DOA or Dead on Arrival. The drive simply does not function upon receipt.

Loud abnormal spinning noise. Due to the high revolution on some of the DVD burners, a substantially amount of noise will be heard while the drive is spinning. If an extremely loud or abnormal noise occurs, it might be defective.

For hard drives sold by, all partition issues are not considered defective.

Any physical damage of the product will void the product's warranty.

Flash Memory Products

Please test it on different system(s) first and/or download drivers for the products. If the flash memory still does not work then it is most likely defective.

All returns on memory products must be in their original packaging. All cables, software and accessories must be included in the return.

All memory returns are examined and tested by our technical team to determine whether the part is defective or not.

Ink & Toner Products

  • Epson Ink Cartridges | If after installing the cartridge in the printer, the printer monitor still shows that the cartridge is empty, you will have to prime the Epson cartridge by using the printer cleaning option on your printer. If the problems persist, you most likely have a defective Epson cartridge. If after installing the cartridge, the black or color print out is faded, try cleaning the print head or prime the cartridge by using the Epson Self Cleaning button. Try printing a couple more pages to increase the flow of ink into the print head. If the problems persist, you most likely have a defective Epson cartridge.
  • HP Remanufacture Inkjet Cartridges | If after installing the Remanufactured Cartridge into your HP Printer, the print out is faded or there is no print out at all, try cleaning the print head or prime the cartridge by using the Self Cleaning button. Try printing a couple more pages to increase the flow of ink into the print head. If the problems persist, you most likely have a defective cartridge.
  • HP Toner Cartridge | Before you start your first print job on a HP LaserJet Printer. Please make sure that the Protection Strip is pull out of the Cartridge first. If there is a streak after each page is printed, make sure the protecting strip is pulled out of the toner cartridge. If the problems persist, you probably have a defective toner cartridge. If the print out constantly gives you a very dark page, you most likely have a defective cartridge.