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Which Primera Bravo Should I Buy?
Updated 3/25/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

Everyone loves to have their DVDs customize. But burning and printing multiple discs for the clients can be a long, boring process. What do you do when a client wants 25 copies of a DVD project within 12 hours? In most cases, the answer is to drink a lot of coffee while waiting around at the computer, burning discs one by one. And, if you've promised to provide printed face labels, that's even less sleep you'll be getting. At times like this, why not get the job by an automated process? That's the logic behind Primera's Bravo DVD Publisher, and we have to admit, it does sound like burning discs in much the same way that many of us enjoy batch capturing at the beginning of a project.

The Primera Bravo's DVD Publishing system is a large, impressive-looking machine, fronted with a dark translucent visor which lifts up to reveal two columns for discs. Also there's a robotic arm to move discs from one place to another. As standard, the machine supports a maximum of 25 discs - and when you consider that 25 well-packed DVDs could take over ten hours to burn, we think that's enough for most people's needs, and ideal to let it work alone overnight. But, if 25 discs are not enough, an optional Kiosk Mode Kit can be used - allowing blank discs to fill both columns, with finished discs sliding out the front into an output bin supplied as part of the kit.

Find A Primera Bravo DVD Publisher/Printer

So exactly how many types of Primera Bravo DVD Publisher are out there? And which type of Publisher suits your needs the best? Don't worry, in the following section we are going to divide them into three user levels, so you can find just which Primera DVD Publisher is the right one for you.

Entry-Level -Primera Signature Z1 CD/DVD Printer

Signature Z1 is Primera's first low-cost CD/DVD printer. Primera Signature Z1 CD/DVD Printer includes the following features:

  • Prints Directly on CDs and DVDs
  • Easy To Use
  • USB Interface
  • Print Up To 4 Areas
  • Print Text & Graphics
  • Includes Cables & Design Software
Print directly onto the surface of your discs with tough, waterproof, thermal transfer ink. Ribbons are available in black or several optional colors. Simply install the included label design software, enter your information and print. Exclusively label your own music, video, data and photo CDs and DVD discs. Use the printer at your home, school, church or office - anywhere you burn discs. You can put away the sticky labels and the marking pen! Use any font that's already on your PC. Upload graphics and logos. Discs are automatically rotated to print in any of four different areas on blank CD-Rs, DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs. Yes, it's that easy! Get up and running quickly with the USB 1.1/2.0 interface to your Windows®-based PC.

Mid-Range CD / DVD Duplicators, Printers

The Bravo II AutoPrinter is the newest and most advanced "all-in-one" disc publishing system. It combines fast, automated robotic CD/DVD duplication along with full-color, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printing - all in one compact, desktop unit. The Bravo II AutoPrinter is ideal for producing either one at a time, unique discs or jobs of up to 50 discs at a time. Models include both Windows-based PC and Mac duplication software. The Bravo II AutoPrinter is the easiest to use and most advanced CD/DVD publishing system ever. With its built-in burn and print capabilities, it produces up to 50 discs at a time. Best of all, the entire process is automatic. Simply specify the files you wish to burn and print, select how many discs you'd like, and press "Go!" from your Windows PC or Mac.

If you only need to print, the The Primera's Bravo II AutoPrinter produces gorgeous, full-color CDs and DVDs in jobs of up to 50 discs at a time. It automatically feeds discs into and out of the printer and is the perfect companion to the tower-style duplicator you may already own - all for a price that's about the same as other manual disc printers! The Bravo II AutoPrinter incorporates stunning, full-color printing at up to 4800 dpi - the best in the industry. You'll be able to produce discs that look as professional as any you've ever seen using high-resolution text, graphics and even photos. Printing times are fast. It took just 54 seconds to print the disc shown here at 600 x 600 dpi resolution.

With the Bravo II DVD AutoPrinter, you'll also benefit from Primera's new patent-pending AccuDisc Technology. This suite of hardware and firmware enhancements provides the most accurate and precise disc picking available today. Utilizing advanced LED optics instead of mechanical components, AccuDisc eliminates misalignment of the picking mechanism. It also prevents the feeding of double discs into the recordable drive - a common problem with other picking systems.

The Bravo II AutoPrinter can burn and print up to 50 discs per job with the included Kiosk Mode Kit. In kiosk mode, finished discs are dispensed out the center of the machine. Kiosk Mode Kit is mailed after product registration. Primera manufactures more automated disc publishing and duplication systems than any other company in the world. So, no matter what you need to duplicate - audio, video, music, software, photos, images, presentations and more - you can feel confident with the The Bravo II AutoPrinter's performance and reliability. Best of all, here at Suerpermediastore's Primera Feature section, we offer the truly professional publishers at an affordable price!

High-End CD/DVD Publishing System - The Bravo's XR-Series

All XR-Series publishing systems are built with tough, 18-gauge steel cabinets and 11-gauge steel bezels. Access doors are supplied with locks and keys for maximum security. Supplies replenishment is accomplished entirely from the front, allowing placement virtually anywhere: on counters, shelves and even in standard 19" wide racks with optional rack mount kits.

Since XR-Series components are modular and designed to interface seamlessly with each other, you can configure them to your exact needs. Need 300 disc capacity? Stack three XRP systems giving you six recorders, three print engines and the reliability required for mission-critical environments. Server XR gives you an almost unlimited choice of CPUs, memory, hard drives and even operating systems. There’s also a wireless 802.11g networking option so that anyone with a wireless connection and the proper password can send burn and print jobs to the XR system. Server XR configurations are performed to your exact needs by an Authorized Primera Reseller, Distributor or OEM. Non-proprietary and standard business-class PC components are utilized, making upgrades and support fast, easy and affordable.

Primera’s XR-Series disc publishers utilize the latest in high-resolution, 4800 dpi inkjet printing. You’ll get the best-looking output possible with the brightest colors and real photo-quality output. Graphics are sharp and clear. Text is printed with true black ink instead of the slow, expensive and fuzzy-looking “process black” ink utilized in competing disc printers.

To further enhance your discs and protect them against the elements, add an integrated Laminator XR. After recording and printing, Laminator XR automatically applies a glossy, 3-micron thick layer of tough, clear resin-based ink. The result is a disc that not only looks gorgeous, but also is virtually immune to water, scratching and smudging. Better yet, the finished cost per disc is considerably less than older printing technologies such as reverse thermal transfer.

The benefit of Bravo DVD Publisher in creating well-presented CD and DVD projects will be obvious to many readers, but also extends further - here at Computer Video Towers, for instance, we see a lot of electronic press packs burned to CD-R, as well as small-run software discs and driver utilities that have been created on recordable media. The machine itself is amazing - it's the kind of device that will be put prominently on display in editing suites to impress clients. Better yet, it works extremely well. Software choice is a little limited if you want to burn and print in a single session, but this is still a very versatile machine. Documentation is good and installation procedures are utterly painless, while the compatibility with Mac and Windows systems (with the right software bundles) is a definite bonus. And, unlike many of the more high-end products we see at Computer Video Towers, this is a genuine productivity device, intended for users for whom time is money. And if that's the case, the DVD Publisher could be worth every penny.