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We know that a lot of our customers are actually businesses, government agencies, schools, non-profits and other organizations that are tax exempt. SuperMediaStore requires valid tax exemption or resale certificates from the state or province to which your product is to be shipped before your orders will be exempt from tax charges. (Please note that SuperMediaStore only charges sales tax in the state of California.)

Download and complete a California Resale Certificate if you are a valid California reseller.

You can now upload your tax exemption certificates directly to us from your account to submit them for approval instead of faxing them to us. Once approved, your orders will be tax exempt for the remainder of the time period that your certificate is valid. We will notify you when your certificate is about to expire and you need to submit a new one.

  • To upload your tax exempt documents, log into your account.
  • Click on the Tax Exempt function under Account Home.

  • Enter the Permit Year to which your tax exempt documents apply.
  • Upload your tax exempt documents

  • Once your file has been uploaded, you will see a thumbnail of it under Tax Exempt Certificate on File, along with the Status and Permit Year.
  • Once your documents are approved, you will see an "Approved" status listed. After that, you can shop tax free at SuperMediaStore!

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