Learn About MiniDVD Media

By definition, miniDVD (Mini DVD or miniDVD) or cDVD are 80mm versions of the standard 120mm DVD Media. Also known as “3-inch DVDs”, a single-sided mini DVD-R has the capacity to hold 30 minutes of recording time (1.4GB of data) in standard DVD quality recording or 120 minutes of video in SLP mode. Another option is the double-sided mini DVD-R media, which has the capacity of holding a full hour of recording time (2.92GB of data).

This recording media was developed for use in camcorders. (We have collected data in regards to compatibilities of mini DVDs to camcorders for your convenience. The data is referenced in the chart at the bottom of this article.) Consumers now have the luxury to record video or data directly inside the camcorder, which will save valuable production time over transferring videos/pictures onto a computer and then finally burning a DVD. Although smaller in size, mini DVDs can replay in most DVD players. Like its counterpart, the DVD, it is an ideal medium for a broad range of mobile storage applications with or without multimedia content such as digital audio, video, still images, graphics, business presentations, internet downloads or just data sharing.

Mini DVD Media has become one of the most frequently used mediums, especially with camcorder recordings. Some of the advantages of mini DVD include:

  1. Random Access: You can make a play-list in edit/play mode in your camcorder, which will allow you to watch selected clips on TV in any random order.
  2. Immediate Playback / Rewrite: You will be able to immediately view your recordings with your camcorder. When recording with a mini DVD-RW Media> you will be able to edit (divide, delete, delete all, etc) and rewrite your video clip with your camcorder. This will eliminate unwanted clips for more effective usage of disk space.
  3. Elimination of Blank Search: This feature will eliminate the wait time for search of available blank space on a medium. Access is random for new recording and will record on available blank space immediately.

  4. Short Finalization Time: The mini DVD takes approximately 6 seconds to finalize on average. However, the actual finalization time will be based on remaining blank space on the disk, less recording equals longer finalization time.
  5. Production: Modification of the recorded clips after import in software is on-the-fly and easy using miniDVD.
  6. One-stop Production Solution: When miniDVD media is recorded with the LP mode, the DVD camcorders can work as DVD recorders. This is a one-step solution from capturing the data to finalizing the disk.

Compatibilities of Mini DVDs to Camcorders