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How to Create a LighScribe Label
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Just follow these steps to begin creating personalized labels that are 100% you.

Remember, making labels and burning your data are two separate steps. You may burn your data either before or after you burn your label.

Step one:
Check to make sure you have a LightScribe-enabled product. To do this, look for a LightScribe logo on the outside of your drive or your computer.

Step two:
Get your special LightScribe media. When purchasing media, be sure to look for the LightScribe logo on the CD and DVD packages at your favorite retailers. You cannot burn LightScribe labels onto media without this logo. Learn more about LightScribe-enabled CDs and DVDs

Step three:
Install the software if it's not installed already. Most LightScribe hardware products come with a CD with label-burning software. If you do not have the disc, you can purchase label-burning software online or at select retailers.

LightScribe software includes two applications:

  • Labeling software. This is the program you'll use to create your labels. It may already be installed on your computer, or included on a disc with your hardware.
  • LightScribe System Software. Each hardware manufacturer will provide the optimal version for their systems, but you can also download a universal version. In some cases, the LightScribe System Software is included in the labeling application. Otherwise, it needs to be installed separately and may be on a separate disc than the labeling application.

Install your software by putting the disc into your disc drive and following the onscreen instructions. When the software is installed, remove the disc.

Step four:
Create your label design. If you burned your data first with LightScribe-enabled software, the software will prompt you to burn a label. After you agree to make a label, the software will gather information and suggest a label design onscreen. You will have the option to select that label or you can make changes.

If you're using stand-alone disc labeling software, launch the software and design the label onscreen by typing in your text, choosing or importing graphics, and arranging the text and images as you'd like them.

To get a jumpstart on your design, choose from the many backgrounds that have already been created for LightScribe labels. These designs are available in your LightScribe-enabled labeling software and in the label gallery.

Step five:
Burn the label. Place the disc in the drive with the label-side down. Then click "Print". After the label is burned, the disc will be ejected and your LightScribe CD or DVD is complete.

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