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Learn What LightScribe Is
Updated 3/3/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff


LightScribe is an innovative technology that uses a special disc drive, special media, and label-making software to burn labels directly onto CDs and DVDs.

Because the labels are laser-etched--not printed--there's no ink, no smudging, and no peeling.

Your labels can be whatever you want them to be. Create one-of-a-kind designs with your own photos, text, and artwork using your label-making software. Or choose from the many free backgrounds the software provides. You may also visit LightScribe's label gallery for free downloadable designs.

Once you have create your design, be sure to follow these three steps:

  • Burn your data (music, photos, video, etc.) in the LightScribe drive.
  • When your data burning is complete, open the drive and flip the disc over.
  • Burn your LightScribe label. Remember, the same drive that burns your data burns your label too.

This article is provided to inform and inspire, and is not intended to replace professional guidance and services. Your system and software may be different from what is described and LightScribe is not responsible for troubleshooting or system failures.