International Order FAQs

Although does not ship internationally, we offer an alternative option for international orders. Overseas customers will now be able to place orders from if they sign up with a third party mail forwarding service.*

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do first if I want to place an order from your store from overseas?

You should first sign up with one of the mail forwarding services. Mail forwarding services provide you with an exclusive US mailing address for the receipt of your mail and packages. These services then handle your mails and ship them to you base on your request.

Which mail forwarding service should I choose?

You may sign up with any of the mail forwarding services such as Access USA , Mail Forwarding .Biz, , or USA Box . Please keep in mind, these mail forwarding services have different fees and services. Pick the one that best service your needs. For more information on mail forwarding services, please visit their websites to learn more about mail forwarding options to any international address.

I have signed up with a mail forwarding service and acquired a United States mailing address. Can I begin my orders?

Yes! But make sure to contact your credit card company and add your acquired US mailing address as your alternate address. Or, you can use the personal shopper service option that Access USA offers.

Do the Super Media Store shipping rates include custom fees, tariffs, and taxes?

No. Super Media Store is not responsible for any import duties and taxes or any additional charges that may come with custom clearance in your country. For custom information, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Information Center or contact the mail forwarding company you've signed up with.

I bought a product that has free shipping. Does it also mean free international shipping?

No. Our free shipping promotions only cover shipping within the US continent. If you have placed an order on a product that comes with free shipping, it would apply to the shipping to your US forward address, but not of international shipments. You would have to contact your mail forwarding services for any international shipping costs.

As a customer from overseas, am I eligible for the store's promotions/special deals/discounts?

Yes. Our overseas customers are eligible for all store's coupons, special deals, and discounts. Rebates will also apply for our overseas customers, however, rebate checks can only be redeem in a US bank.

My order shipment has been lost outside of the US . Who should I contact?

Our responsibilities only cover shipping from our store to your US address. Super Media Store is not responsible for any lost or damage goods after the delivery has been made to your US address. You will need to contact your mail forward service for lost package outside of the US.


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