Learn How to Print on Printable Media

Updated 3/25/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

Not all printers are created equal. To work with printable media, you need a CD/DVD printable printer. Whether you plan to print on CDs frequently or once in a while, our hardware section includes a selection of many CD printers and CD publishers. Depending on your needs, you can choose from bargain printers with CD printing capabilities to professional grade CD/DVD Publishers with CD/DVD duplication functions, such as Primera Bravo II.

Regular CDs or DVDs do not have the finish required to produce successful inkjet prints. We carry a selection of printable CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and DVD+Rs with various finishes. Depending on the finish of the printable layer, you will get different results from the same designs. For example, the silver inject printable media will exude a shiny reflective surface, where as the white inkjet printable will be more like printing on paper.