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Where can I go to read more about

You can read about us Here.

Competitive Pricing

Price is important but value is the key.

Besides our 60-70% off retail prices and competitive pricing against other major Computer Storage, Flash Memory, Hardware, Software/Accessories Companies, we have great product support and content that you can only find at

There are people behind each and every one of our products and we listen to you, the customer, to improve our products in each and every way possible to fit your needs. We also keep in close and constant contact with our vendors to give you the best and most competitive pricing.

Does have a physical store or will call where I can pick up my merchandise?

To keep our prices low, we do not have a store or will call facility. All orders are placed online/phone/fax and are shipped via UPS or USPS (in the case of military bases, via APO U.S. Postal Service) with no exceptions.

Does offer technical support? does not offer any technical assistance. We are unable to offer advice on the compatibility of the thousands of items we carry. We do not test, build or assemble parts. We are not technicians, only quality retailers with low prices. Our "contact us" avenues are simply for customer support to resolve various company and transaction issues. For technical support or details we provide product descriptions, detailed images, and item reviews for almost every item we carry. Clicking on the image thumbnails will open new windows with larger and more detailed pictures of the item and all its included accessories, so be sure to view them all! Please contact the manufacturers for accurate answers to your technical questions.

How can I contact

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Do you have an affiliate program that I can join?

Yes! Please read more about our affiliate program Here.

How can Manufacturers or Vendors contact's purchasing department? does offer reseller or volume discounts, please email for all inquiries.