What is HD-DVD Media?

The future of DVD

Broadcasting is becoming digital. Demand for high-definition TVs is taking off. And consumers increasingly expect greater realism and better image quality in visual entertainment. HD DVD delivers that and more. It takes the best features of today's DVD— the most successful AV product ever— and adds new capabilities and greatly enhanced functionality. HD DVD is the future, a new standard for next-generationoptical systems that delivers brilliant, high-definition performance. The way is open to an exciting new world of entertainment, and HD DVD is ready to take us there.

The only format approved by the DVD Forum

The DVD Forum develops and defines DVD formats. Its 230-strong membership brings together companies from all over the world, leaders in movies and entertainment, computing, consumer electronics and software. In November 2003, the DVD Forum selected a single technology as the next-generation, post-DVD standard for high capacity, high definition optical discs— HD DVD. Now, HD DVD is poised to become the primary visual medium for the age of high-definition TV.

Designed to meet Hollywood's highest expectations

Quality and convenience quickly made DVD the medium of choice for Hollywood, to the point where U.S. sales of DVD outstrip movie theater revenues. HD DVD offers more: superior image quality and extended recording times that allow movie studios to create attractive products offering outstanding value. HD DVD's unsurpassed copyright protection, high-yield production and low replication costs have won high marks and broad support from Hollywood. With HD DVD, viewers can look forward to great resolution, dynamic contrast and vivid colors that bring the excitement and pleasure of the cinema into the home.

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