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High Quality and Hassle Free CD and DVD Printing


Updated 5/18/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

Many businesses include CDs or DVDs with their products. Sending a disc is much more economical than printing manuals, instructions sheets, etc. Plus, frequently some software or drivers on a CD or DVD are included with a product. When shipments to customers include a disc, then you want it to look professional and properly labeled with contents, version, and other information.

Not that long ago, making CD and DVD labels consisted of printing them on blank disc labels on a regular printer then trying to “stick” the labels on a disc. It was a time-consuming, slow, and frustrating process with multiple steps. Getting the labels to print correctly could be difficult, then trying to properly apply them to the CD or DVD could challenge anyone's patience.

Labeling CDs and DVDs doesn't have to be a pain any longer. CD and DVD label printers have been around for about a decade, but with falling prices and improved technology they are more affordable and accessible than ever.


Thermal Disc Printer or Ink Jet Disc Printer


The better CD –DVD disc printers use a thermal transfer process that applies ink directly to the disc, then uses heat to dry and seal the ink. It provides a fast, permanent, quality print on the disk that is waterproof and durable; generally a much more professional looking and superior result than paper labels (especially ones not applied straight). Special discs must be used for thermal printing.

Less expensive ink jet printers can usually print on discs and print quality photos, or are part of all-in-one units. These work with regular blank discs, but they do not provide as permanent a result. The ink can smear if it gets wet and more easily wears off. These CD-DVD printers are usually not designed for heavy use.

The right printer for you would depend on your needs: How many discs do you label every day or week? How professional do you want the results to be? The less expensive option may be perfect for some situations.

Whichever disc printer fits your needs, both are usually preferable than using paper labels, or outsourcing the printing, or (the less than professional) handwriting on the DVD or CD with a marker. With a DVD-CD printer you get professional results with do-it-yourself prices and flexibility.