Epson R Series Inkjet Printing

Two best features that set the Epson R200 / R220 / R300 / R330M / R320 / R340 Inkjet printer apart from other same priced range photo printers. One is the six “individual” ink cartridge system that lets you replace each color as it runs out independently. Most unique is that it owns the ability to print on white inkjet printable DVD discs, and which has make it stands out among other "under $100 printers".

The Epson Stylus Photo R200 is the entry level model in the Epson Stylus® Photo Series of inkjet printers. The Stylus Photo R200 and R300 Inkjet Printers, as well as the multifunction RX500 and RX600, all are ” 6 color” photo printers which use dye based inks, with each color in a separate inkjet cartridge. The R200 and R300, are fairly unique in that they will also print directly on printable CD’s and DVD’s. They are quite popular and as such, so are they're ink cartridge counterparts including the Epson T078 120 (Black).

In order to print on the surface of DVD disc, you will need to buy blank printable CD/DVD media, and which you probably haven’t noticed in stores if you weren’t looking, but they are widely available. However, unlike plain cdr, which are on sale every week at the large computer and electronics chain stores, I rarely see printable cds on sale. Now you can buy it at, and you can also find cheapR200/300 compatible Inkjet Cartridges or Inkjet combos.

Adding images to be printed on part of a cd is extremely easy. When you select a typically rectangular image to add to your cd, Print CD “lays” it on top of an image of a cd, and you can resize the image to best fit the cd. The cd image in the layout window clearly shows the printable area of the cd, and when you print out cds with images, this printer only prints on the printable area, and I’ve had no problems with any carry over to the edge of the cd or the small non printable area on the cds hub.

Printing Text

The R200 inkjet printer has 5 print modes, draft, text, text plus image, photo, and best photo. In draft mode, this printer is fast, printing out a full page of black text in under 5 seconds, though there is about a 10 second delay from the time you push the print button till printing starts. Even in draft mode text is sharp and easy to read, though it is light, actually appears dark gray in color rather than black. In text and the “text plus image” mode, a page of single spaced text takes 25-30 seconds to print, again with a 10 second delay before printing starts. In both text and "text plus image" mode the text is black, with sharp, cleanly defined letters which are easy to read.

Printing Graphics

The Epson Compatible Inkjet combo is your best choice when it comes to printing graphics to your Inkjet Printable DVDs. In “text plus image” mode, a 5 X 7 image takes about 20 seconds to print. In “best photo” mode on plain paper, about 70 seconds are required to print a 5X7 image. In the faster text plus image mode, the printed image looks very good, and it detect no banding. In best photo mode, the colors seem slightly brighter, and all details are very slightly “sharper”.

Photo Printing

Some of the advertising on the R200 package claim 4X6 photo’s can be printed in 37 seconds. I’ve not been able to duplicate that speed, and find that 4X6 photo’s printed on glossy paper in photo mode take about 1 minute to print. Full page photo’s take about 2 minutes to print, still reasonably fast. I’ve tried printing on 2types of glossy photo paper. premium glossy photo paper and glossy photo paper both provide terrific photos with very bright colors. The brand of photo paper does appear to make a big difference with this printer.

Epson R200 Ink's printing quality is very good, equivalent to print out on a standard inkjet paper. If you select "photo" mode when printing, and use high resolution images, your DVD Disc's graphics will approach the quality of commercial disks.