How to Distinguish the Quality of CD Jewel Cases

  • Clean and Clear Cover
    • The cover of a good quality CD jewel case is very clear and should be made of 100% new material. If you find little black spots in the cover, or the cover is not very clear, it is not made of 100% new material.
  • The Disc Tray Shouldn't Be Fragile
    • The tray between the covers should also be made of 100% new material. Otherwise it will be too fragile and will break easily. Recycled plastic materials can only produce black or gray parts, whereas clear or translucent trays or covers must be made of new material. Many CD cases come with trays using recycled material but covers that are made of new material.

    • An important thing to know before you buy CD Jewel Case: A good quality CD tray is very important, if it is made with material that has been recycled too many times, it will come out fragile. When the CD tray is broken, the whole CD jewel case will be useless.

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