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DVD Duplicator FAQ
Updated 3/25/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff
About Case and Upgrade Questions
Can I upgrade my duplicator?

Yes. All duplicators may be upgraded by sending them back to the manufacturer and paying a nominal fee. Often times the software can be upgraded through firmware/software provided by the manufacturer. Software upgrades are determined on a case by case basis and may or may not involve a fee. Any attempts to alter the machine on your own or through a non-authorized service technician will void the warranty.

If I buy a duplicator now, can I add more drives/burners later on in the future?

No. Each duplicator is assembled to include the number of drives specified without leaving space to add drives later. However, you may consider connecting two separate duplication towers to meet your growing needs.

Is the aluminum chassis better than the steel chassis?
Yes. The aluminum chassis is significantly lighter than steel and diffuses heat better to allow continuous usage without concern for overheating.
About Media Duplication Questions
What effects do blank media have on the quality of the copy from the duplicator?

The type and quality of blank media are very important factors of duplication quality. The higher quality media, the better the duplication results will be.

Do I need to use specific CD/DVD media with a specific duplicator?

No. Our duplicators work with most brands of media available on the market. However, using better quality media will result in better quality duplication.

If I buy a 16x DVD duplicator, can I use 1x, 4x, or 8x media to copy at 16x?
No. The DVD duplicator will determine the media's maximum certified duplication speed and cannot exceed it.
About Master Disc & Copy Protection Questions
Can I copy a CD or VCD to a DVD using your duplicator?

No, one format cannot be duplicated to another. CDs can only be duplicated to CDs (including VCD to CD) and DVDs to DVDs.

Can my DVD duplicator, duplicate Authoring DVDs?

Yes, your DVD duplicator can duplicate your Authoring DVD master into General DVD-R/+R format duplicates. The duplicator cannot use Authoring DVD blank media.

Can the duplicator make copies of copy protected material?

No. If the disc is copy protected, it cannot be duplicated.

Will the duplicated disc differ from the original and will the "chapters" be copied from the master?

All duplications are made using digital technology. That means duplicated discs will be completely identical to the master. Everything on the master disc will be transferred exactly as is to the duplicated discs.

What is copy protection and what does it apply to?
Copy protection prevents unauthorized duplication. All movies and video games that you rent from a video rental store such as Blockbuster or purchase from the store are most likely copy protected. They cannot be duplicated in their original form.
About Duplication Time Questions
Can the DVD duplicators duplicate a DVD that is bigger than 4.7 GB?

Yes, but only with specific models. Review the duplicator specs to determine if it can handle double/dual layer DVD's (8.5 GB-DVD9). If the duplicator specs claim that it can handle double/dual layer or DVD9, then it can. If not, then it won't duplicate anything larger than the standard DVD5 or 4.7GB disc. In either case, you can only duplicate a DVD5 to DVD5 or DVD9 to DVD9. An 8.5 GB disc cannot be duplicated onto a 4.7GB disc and vice versa.

Will a multi-drive duplicator take longer to make duplications than a 1 to 1 duplicator?

No, all drives duplicate simultaneously. So it takes the same amount of time to duplicate 1 disc as it does to duplicate to all drives on the system.

Will the duplication speed affect the quality of the duplicated discs?
The higher the speed, the greater chance quality will be degraded. However, the amount of diminished quality is very minute and will be unnoticeable to most people.
About General Duplication Questions
Are the duplicators made by NEC/Pioneer/Plextor/Sony/TEAC?

No. Even though those companies supply the reading/writing drivers, the actual duplicator is not created by those companies. Vital parts such as the controllers, chassis, power supply, etc. are created and assembled by the duplicator's manufacturer.

Can I burn different titles at the same time by using your duplicator?

No, the duplicator can only duplicate one title at a time.

Can I duplicate business card size CD-R's or mini CD-R's with your duplicator?

Yes, our duplicators support media of all sizes.

Can I set my duplicator to copy at different speeds?

Yes, the duplicator's speed is the maximum speed it can handle and can be set to record at any speed below this.

Can my DVD duplicator copy CDs?

Yes, all of our DVD duplicators are capable of copying CDs as well.

Can my duplicator make copies from masters created on an apple computer? / MAC?

Yes. Once you generate a master disc, the duplicator will make an exact digital duplication of the original regardless of what type of computer or program was used to create the master disc.

Is my DVD/CD duplicator standalone?
Yes, all of our DVD duplicators are fully standalone with simple, one touch operation. No computer knowledge is required whatsoever.
If I buy a multi-target duplicator, can I choose to burn on less than the maximum targets available?

Yes, you may make any number of duplications up to the maximum.

What is the difference between using the burner on a computer and a CD/DVD duplicator?

Our duplicators are designed to maximize the quality of the duplicated disc. Our duplicators are much easier to use with one-touch operation when compared to using specific software programs. Duplicators can be set up anywhere there is a power outlet while a computer requires specific programs and is often too difficult to transport. Most computers only offer one CD or DVD drive while a duplicator can come with multiple drives and makes multiple copies simultaneously.

What is the difference between the VideoBuster duplicators and the original format duplicator?

Video Buster duplicator applies VCIT technology onto DVD+R media duplicates to make them compatible with up to 99% of DVD players. This is very important if you use the DVD+R format and want to ensure optimal compatibility. Otherwise, functionality is identical.

How could I tell if the duplicated copies are accurate or if they have problems?

You can test duplicated copies for accuracy by performing our Compare function. This function compares the duplications to the original master through a bit by bit comparison. This process ensures the duplication is a 100% exact duplication for optimal playback ability. If there is a recording problem, the duplicator will notify you on the display and keep the affected disc in the machine so you can identify which one(s) are defective without disrupting the rest of the duplicating process.

Why can't I duplicate my masters created by my DVD Video Recorder, such as the Panasonic DMR Series?

DVD video recorders such as the Panasonic DMR Series or similar models require you to manually finalize the recorded data before playing these discs on other DVD players or for use in a duplicator. So be sure to finalize the data when you use the Panasonic DMR recorder by checking the option to finalize your data. If the duplicator does not accept the recorded DVD, the master was most likely not finalized before being placed in the duplicator.

Can the DVD Duplicator also duplicate CD+G discs?
No. Even though the DVD duplicators can duplicate the CD format, they do not support CD+G. In order to duplicate CD+G, you need to purchase our specialized CD+G duplicator.
About USB / IEEE Questions
Can I connect the duplicator to a computer network & generate duplications from a computer on the network?

No, the duplicator can not be controlled through an external connection. However, the duplicator may be connected to an individual computer via USB/Firewire to allow the system to burn data to specified burners and create a master disc.

Can I make duplications while I am using external USB/Firewire devices?

Yes, you can make copies while using your external USB/Firewire devices. As long as drives are not connected to USB/Firewire connections, they can be used to make duplications, even while you're using the USB/Firewire connections. However, if all of the drives are connected to USB/Firewire connections, then you will not be able to make duplications at the same time. If you're uncertain how many drives are connected to the USB/Firewire. This information can easily be determined, as drives include a USB or Firewire sticker.

What is the purpose of having USB or Firewire connection(s) installed on my duplicator?

Installing a USB/Firewire connection(s) is useful if your data is stored on a computer that does not have a burner/recorder installed.

Why do some duplicators come with USB & Firewire connections and others don't?
With higher speed duplicators, data transfer is more error prone when using the duplicator as an external burner from your computer. Because of this, we avoid potential problems by not offering USB and Firewire in specific models, particularly models with speeds of 12x and higher.
About Warranty Questions
Does the duplicator have a warranty? Who provides the service?
All of the duplicators come with a standard warranty for parts and labor. The manufacturer will provide all services if needed. The warranty varies depending on the model and manufacturer. In most cases, it's a one-year warranty. Refer to your product's specifications.