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Design Your Own CD and DVD Case Covers
Updated 3/24/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

Don't be a plain Jane when it comes to your media. If you are sharing and distributing your CD or DVD media, why not use the chance to put your best foot forward with a sleek designs that makes a great impression? From CD and DVD inserts to label covers, you can find sheets and sheets of CD/DVD cover templates available for your needs. Options include matted and glossy. If you can design it and print it, these inserts can make sure to make DVD covers beautiful and sophisticated for your personalized CD or DVD media.

Design your own CD and DVD case covers with one of the most popular DVD/CD inserts. The High - Resolution insert sheets make creating standard DVD case covers easy, quick and fun. All you need to do is to have the dvd cover download from the internet, then print it to your CD, DVD labels, sticker labels, case insert sheets or standard photo paper .

With Supermediastore's high-resolution CD and DVD case inserts, disc labels, you should no longer have unknown discs lying around. Instead, you can now create your music cd, movie dvds' covers easily. There are many free label maker softwares can be find from the web, choose one that is not over complicated yet still has all the features you might need to design your disc labels and CD cases.

Supermediastore's CD/DVD cover inserts have the following feature to make beautiful and high quality looking DVD covers:

  • Full support for standard cd jewel case insert, standard dvd cases inserts.
  • Will work with most inkjet and laser printers
  • Professional-looking full colors CD/DVD case inserts
  • DVD insert cards, CD labeling sheets are all die-cut and perforated to allow for ease of printing, separation, and insertion into DVD case
  • Print customized track listings, titles/artists and spine text to your DVD case / CD Jewel cases inserts
  • No need to make adjustments to the printed size and position of the covers.

Design and print your CD, DVD, and console covers! Want to print your CD / DVD Cover, make beautiful, professional-looking and DVD Jewel Case Inserts and Labels? You can download dvd covers online then printing your DVD cover inserts, put them in the case. All kinds of templates for creating CD DVD Inserts are available, including templates for Jewel case insert, and DVD case inserts.

Create your DVD Covers and CD Inserts on these Inserts