What's the Difference Between a DVD Case and CD Case?

There are currently many mediums for CDs and DVDs Storage. The physical disc size of a standard DVD and CD are the same, yet the packaging cases designed for each are different in many ways. To find the right case for your media, let’s first explore the various options available.

CD Cases: A common name for CD cases is Jewel Case. It is usually a 3-piece construction plastic case that can hold the compact disc(s), liner notes, and a back card. The opposing transparent halves are hinged together to form the casing, the back half holds a media tray that grips the disc. Except for cases made with recycled materials (usually only available in black), standard jewel cases are made of injection-molded polystyrene for higher quality and durability. Aside from the difference in colors, CD cases can be subcategorized into 5 categories: Standard Single CD Jewel Case , Single Slim CD Case , Standard Double CD Jewel Case , Double Slim CD Case, and Mini CD Jewel Case.

  • Standard Singled CD Jewel Case is the most common CD packaging. The dimensions are 125 x 145 x10 mm. The standard color is black, but clear/white is also available. The front sleeve of the standard CD jewel case can hold a booklet up to 32 pages. The back of the jewel case can hold a single printed card with two spines. Although designed to only firmly hold one single CD, the case can accommodate up to 6 discs. 
  • Single Slim CD Case is a popular and colorful selection. It is half the thickness of the standard jewel case and very light in weight. The dimensions are 125 x 145 x 5.2 mm. This saves storage space and postage costs when mailed. It is of 2 piece construction with no removable tray. The tray or base is usually black but available in a variety of colors such as orange, purple, pink, clear, white, and blue.
  • Standard Double CD Jewel Case is a 3 piece construction with a removable tray. Like the Single Standard Case, the dimensions are 125 x 145 x 10mm. This type of case features clips on the face cover and a removable tray for inserts. It is most common in black, but other colors are available. The Standard Double CD Jewel Case allows you to safely package 2 standard sizes CDs or DVDs, but can hold up to 6 discs.
  • Double Slim CD Case has the benefit of carrying two CDs or DVDs, but in a slimmer case. The dimensions are 125 x 145 x 5.2 mm. Unlike the Standard Double Case, this does not include a removable tray. The two CDs / DVDs are instead held at the sleeves of the case.
  • Mini CD Jewel Case is specially designed for mini CDs / DVDs. The Mini CD/DVD Jewel Case allows you to securely package any mini size CD/DVD. Made of hard, high quality clear plastic, this Mini CD/DVD Jewel Case features clips on the front tray to hold inserts and a mini media. This is an elegant mini CD/DVD media packaging solution.

DVD Cases: Length is the first noticeable difference between a CD case and a DVD case. The standard length for a DVD case is 192mm, however the thickness may varied from different models. Although, the case is longer in length, it is common for people to use DVD cases also for CD storage. Variations of the DVD cases hold up to 4 or more DVDs often with a hinge mechanism. Unless specifically stated to be made with recycled materials, all of DVD cases are made with Polypropylene, which produce durable cases. Aside from the difference in colors, DVD cases can be subcategorized into 6 categories: Single DVD Case , Double Slim DVD Case, Single Slim DVD Case , Double DVD Case , DVD Case Triple, and DVD Case Quadruple.

  • Single DVD Casesare the classic industry standard DVD case packaging. Exactly like the cases that hold your rented DVDs from the video store. DVD cases are often used for CD packaging as well. The standard DVD case holds one CD/DVD, has a clear outer film which holds a printed sleeve or wrap, and inner plastic clips which may hold a DVD booklet. These cases are available in black, white, clear, and frost clear.
  • Single Slim DVD Casesare the exactly duplication of a standard DVD case made slimmer. The dimensions are 135 x192 x 7mm. It has a strong locking mechanism that can prevent the CD/DVD from falling from the case. The strong tab holders are durable and last for many usages.  
  • Double DVD Casessecurely hold 2 DVDs or CDs. These high quality cases are great for professional use or personal storage. The Strong hinge will not become white or broken even after numerous openings and closings. 
  • Double Slim DVD Cases is 7mm thick, half the thickness of a standard DVD case. The thin double dual 7mm DVD case allows for greater space utilization and shipping efficiencies. It allows you to safely package 2 DVDs/CDs. Made of high quality plastic, this Slim Double Dual 7mm DVD Case features a push button hub for easy media removal. Also, a clear acetate outer cover that allows for case wrap insert. This case is both attractive and durable.
  • DVD Case Triple opens and closes just like a book. This case can fit up to 3 discs. Two discs are designed to fit into each side of the box while the third disc fit into one side of the hinged, middle tray. The dimensions are 14 x 135 x 190mm. Although this is classified as a DVD case, this is also great for CDs packaging. 
  • DVD Case Quadruple has the same physical size of a regular standard DVD case, yet it can hold up to 4 discs. This DVD Box opens and closes like a book. Two discs fit onto each side of the box. Two other discs fit into either side of the hinged, middle tray.