Long Term Storage Tips for CD / DVD Media

It is very common for storing our backups of our business data as well as personal data with using a CD or DVD media. And as we use these mediums more and more, we need to protect these valuable discs. We have put together for you, a couple of important tips to protect your CD and DVD media storage for longer shelf life.

  • Blank CD / DVD media selection: The quality of the medium has everything to do with the shelf life of your information. Cheaper quality discs will yield cheaper disc prices, but the content of the disc will be jeopardized. Supermediastore carries a wide variety of Premium blank media storages that will help you protect your data with its high quality.
  • Avoid Direct Contact with the Disc’s Surface: Unless your disc is specifically designed to be scratch-resistant with "hard-coating" technology, you should avoid touching the disc surface (both the data side and the label side). Try to pick up the disc by placing a finger through the hub hold and grip it with your thumb on the edge of the disc. Try your best to avoid damaging the discs with the grease and acids on your skin.
  • Storage Protection: Store your disc in CD Jewel Cases to shield it against external forces. Paper Sleeves Cases may sometimes appear to be more convenient, but it does not supply enough protection for the discs. The plastics from some plastic sleeves may cause damage to the discs in the long run. Store your discs vertically in a jewel case for maximum lifespan. Avoid dropping or bending of your discs.
  • CD / DVD Label Selections: The convenience of using any type of adhesive labels that are not designed for CDs or DVDs can be tempting. However, this can damage the surface of your discs which may also effect the content of your disc. It is best to use CD / DVD labels that are designed for this specific usage.
  • Storage Environment and Temperature: Your discs should be stored in a cool and moderately dry environment. Keep your discs away from bright light and direct sunlight. Storing the discs at 18°C and 40% relative humidity is suitable for long-term storage. When a CD or DVD drive is reading a disc, the temperature is often increased to almost 55°C. Thus, avoid putting your important disc near the running computer or external drives.
  • Cleaning: When necessary, wipe with a clean cotton fabric to remove dirt, fingerprints, smudges, and liquid splashes from the center of the disc toward the outer edge.

Updated 3/31/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff