Learn How to Distinguish Premium High Quality DVD Cases

There are 5 points we need to take into consideration when distinguishing good quality DVD cases:

The Material

Let's talk about the black DVD case first. There are two ways to make black DVD cases, one uses recycled material and the other uses 100% new material combined with black pigment. If the DVD case is made of recycled material, there would be some smell, the quality is bad if the smell is strong because the material has been recycled many times. And if the DVD cases is made of new material combined with black pigment, the smell is very light. The colored, translucent and transparent DVD case is made of new PP material, not recycled material.

The Locking Mechanism

You have to test the DVD locking mechanism (the core in the middle of the DVD case which holds the disc), you put the DVD into it, shake it strongly, if the DVD could not be shaken out of the locking mechanism, it is good.

The Booklet Holder

There's two booklet holders on one side of the DVD case, you can push it to the border several times. If the holder is not broken after you push it many times, the quality is good. If the DVD case is made of bad material, it will break after you push it several times.

The Hinge Between The Covers

You can bend the two covers by continuously opening and closing the DVD case. If the DVD case is made of good quality material, the hinge won't become white and broken. If the DVD case is made of bad quality material, the hinge will become white and broken after you bend the covers over 50 times.

The Film (Sleeve) Outside Of The DVD Case

The film should be sealed tightly onto the DVD case. After you pull the film with some strength, and it does not separate from the DVD case, then the seal is good. You also have to check that the thickness of the film is not too thin.

Things You Should Take Into Account When You Intend To Buy DVD Cases

Price: The price is a very important factor that influences the quality of the DVD case. Suppliers who sell their DVD case at prices that are too low to be true sell products that are made from bad recycled materials. So when you buy DVD storage cases, take the supplier's low pricing with a grain of salt.


Updated 3/31/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff