Introduction to Standard DVD Case and CD Case

Protect and store your DVD media with the different standard DVD cases. In this article, you will find that you have many options when it comes to DVD Media cases for storage and protection. From standard single case to slim double cases, you can select any DVD Storage case you want. They are durable and easily accessible. Instead of storing your DVDR Media in the cake boxes or spindles, these DVD storage cases will help you organize your selection. Other options include plastic slip covers, clamps, color variety, and multiple disc storage. To reduce damage and protect your data, store your media with a standard DVD case.

Single DVD Cases - The Single DVD case is the industry standard DVD packaging. Exactly like the CD/DVD cases that hold your rented DVDs from the video store, DVD cases are often used for CD packaging as well. The standard DVD case holds one CD/DVD, has a clear outer film which holds a printed sleeve or wrap and inner plastic clips which may hold a DVD booklet. The push button hub design varies between manufacturers; the most popular being produced by Amaray. Variations of the DVD case hold up to 4 or more DVDs often with a hinge mechanism. Slim DVD cases are also available which are ideal for mailouts or to save on shelf space. The most common colors are black and clear but cases are available in white, green, red, blue and more.

DVD Jewel Case - For cost effective and space efficient packaging of your CD and DVD media, classic CD jewel cases can help you store and protect your CD and/or DVD media. Leaving your discs in the spindle makes it hard to get to those discs again. Don't leave your CDs and DVDs vulnerable to scratches, dirt, moisture and heat. With CD cases, you can label, protect, and store your data where you can get to it. From standard, to slim, to mini, the classic storage solution for your media comes from CD cases.

ClamShell Cases - Clamshells DVD Case are very distinctive, flexible DVD packaging solution. An impact resistant case which is half the weight and thickness of a standard jewel case, a clamshell is ideal for mail outs. They are available in a variety of colors in both transparent and opaque plastic.

Paper Sleeves - a standard sized paper sleeve, with matte finish. Features a clear plastic window on the front that allows your CD/DVD label to act as a cover, so you can see what the sleeve contains, plus a flap to help prevent the disk from slipping out unexpectedly. carries Standard DVD Case, Slim DVD Cases, Standard CD Jewel Case, Slim CD Jewel Cases, Clam Shell Case, ClamShell Cases, CD DVD Paper Sleeves, CD DVD Mailers, CD Wallet, CD Holder and much more!