Learn How to Print Your Digital Photos - Imported

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Updated 3/30/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

Printing images step by step

1. Open the image within the software application of your choice.

2. Adjust the colors and the placement of the image, making sure the image is sized correctly for the photo paper.

3. Select File from the software application's toolbar, select Print.

4. Click the Properties button, select "Best for the Print Quality" and "Photo paper" for the Paper Type. We suggest starting with these general settings. If the colors doesn't printe out right, keep experiment with other print settings until you find the ones that work best with you or look for new inkjet cartridges that can print better colors

5. Click "OK" to accept the settings, click "OK" again to start printing.

6. When you're happy with the image colors, then allow the ink to dry completely before removing the paper from the printer.