What Kind of Media Storage Do I Need for My CD/DVDs?

Today, media storage come in many shapes, sizes, colors and levels of functionality. For instance, SuperMediaStore.com carries standard DVD cases, slim DVD cases, standard CD Jewel cases, slim CD Jewel cases, Clam Shell cases, CD/DVD paper sleeves, CD/DVD mailers, CD wallets, CD/DVD cake boxes, CD holders and much more. Therefore, before purchasing media storage you'll want to consider several things.

1. Ease of Use

You should find a container that will not scratch or bend the media and with easy access to the discs. The discs should go in and out easily of the storage without scraping across another surface. Excessive bending or applied force for removal may damage the medias. Discs are fragile, and can both break and scratch fairly easily when mishandled. With CD/DVD cases, make sure they close tightly.

2. Functionality

Everyone has different reasons for storing CD/DVD media. For instance, you may use “CD/DVD cake boxes” for storing CDs/DVDs you use rarely, and slim CD/DVD cases or CD/DVD wallets for the ones you use regularly. It works well as long as you can make a content list for every cake-box. In addition, you may use plastic and/or paper sleeves for convenient storage. Plastic and paper sleeves are the most economical packaging option for promotional copies. Sleeves can be all-white or have a window for label visibility.

3. Case Material and Quality

Are you weary of buying flimsy, cheap and low cost CD/DVD cases? You should opt for premium high quality CD/DVD cases (100% New Polypropylene Material) from Supermediastore.com. These cases that we recommend do not have a distinctive recycled material odor, and are ideal for professional use. You will notice that the disc snaps into this case very snugly. These CD/DVD cases will not become white and broken at the hinges after only a few uses. Due to the strong locking mechanism, discs stored inside will not fall out from the case. Again, this confirms that we need to take the quality of the media storage into careful consideration when purchasing cases.

4. Capacity

If you have a lot of DVDs or CDs and want to reduce the amount of shelf space they take up, you may choose CD/DVD wallets that

(1) can be opened easily and will not attempt to close up while you browse the pages,
(2) has a soft felt-like surface that is not so rough as to cause scratching,
(3) is not going to allow you to scrape the discs against the zipper,
(4) is sturdy enough to accept normal handling, and
(5) tight enough to hold discs but loose enough for easy removal. With all that taken into consideration, CD/DVD Wallets are a great way to organize, carry and protect your own CD/DVD disc. They protect the disc from scratches and smudges while keeping them easily accessible.