How to Choose A Good CD/DVD Wallet

What is good CD wallet?

  • CD Wallets are cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to jewel cases that will help your project stand out from the crowd. At the very minimum, a CD wallet needs to be strong enough to protect your media from obvious external harm, but a good CD wallet will have durable sleeves that won’t scratch your media as well.
  • The binding of a CD wallet should able be examined with care. CD wallets with strong PVC rings are more stable and durable than CD wallets with metal rings. Metal rings are easily flipped open under heavy weight and are limited to amount of pages it can hold.  

Why buy CD wallets from

  • Supermediastore always has safety factors when selecting storage for CDs / VCDs / DVDs in mind. We provide the perfect solution with safe, secure, durable, and trendy CD/DVD wallets.

Who should buy Supermediastore's CD wallets?  

Everyone! Especially software companies, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, or anyone looking for an impressive way to store or distribute materials on CDs / DVDs. There are lots of advantages that Supermediastore’s DVD storage wallets have to offer.

  • Our cases that have the disc capacity of 200 or above are designed with strong PVC rings.
  • A new Removable Page System for more flexible capacities of 328 discs capacity and above!
  • Reasonable pricing and a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed.
  • A trendy look and easy-to-transport size.
  • Provide maximum protection from scratches and other external bumps and grinds.