Blu-ray Burning Problems? Update Your Firmware.

Updating or “flashing” your firmware may solve your Blu-ray burning problems. The terms “flashing” and ”updating” are used interchangeably in reference to installing the latest firmware for a particular device. Firmware updates have been known to fix bugs, increase stability, and unlock dormant features.

How to Determine Your Current Firmware Version

Before beginning the process, determine your Blu-ray burner's current firmware version. This page on Roxio’s website provides detailed instructions.

The following chart lists several of today's most popular Blu-ray burners along with the latest firmware version of each. This chart is current as of September 26th, 2011:

Burner Brand (speed) Model Firmware Max. Burning Speed
LG (6x) GGW-H20L YL05 4x
LG (8x) WH08LS20 1 8x
LG (10x) WH10LS30K 1 8x
LG (12x) WH12LS30 1 8x
PANASONIC (2x) SW-5582 B110 2x
PANASONIC (4x) SW-5583 1049 4x
PANASONIC (8x) SW-5584 1.5 4x
PHILIPS & LITE-ON (4x) DH-4B1S 7112 4x
PHILIPS & LITE-ON (12x) iHBS112 CLOG 10x
PIONEER (4x) BDR-202 1.08 4x
PIONEER (8x) BDR-203 1.05 8x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-205 1.11 10x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-206 1.05 10x
PIONEER (6x BDXL) BDR-206M 1.03 4x
SONY (2x)  BWU100S 1.0f 2x
SONY (4x) BWU200S 1.0b 4x
SONY (8x) BWU300S 1.0c 4x
SONY (12x) BWU500s 4.62 4x
SONY (12x) BD-5300S 1.04 4x

If your burner is on the list, compare your current firmware with the latest version listed. No update is necessary if they match. 

The Updating Process

Before you begin, be aware that flashing your device is a sensitive process and may cause irreparable damage if done incorrectly!

  • Determine the model number and current firmware version of your Blu-ray burner (follow the instructions provided earlier in this article).
  • Go to the manufacturer's official website. Please note the following:
    • Updates for Sony Blu-ray burners will be found at
    • Updates for Philips/Lite-On Blu-ray burners will be found at
    • Panasonic does not host firmware, but Googling “Panasonic firmware” will point you to various forum threads with information on tracking down the file you need. Be advised, the trail may ultimately lead you to a 3rd party website with no affiliation with Panasonic - flash at your own risk.
    • The Buffalo BR-816FBS is the same drive as the Panasonic SW-5584. Firmware updates for the Buffalo BR-816FBS found at may work for owners of this particular Panasonic drive. Again, flash at your own risk.
  • Go to the website's support or service section.
  • Find your Blu-ray burner's model number in a drop-down list or type it into the search box.
  • The support page for your device will list all available driver and firmware updates.
  • Download the firmware file.
  • Follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer when updating your firmware. To reiterate, updating a device's firmware is a sensitive process and may lead to permanent damage if done incorrectly.

Another Possible Cause

If updating your firmware does not fix your burning issues, other problems are known to stem from buggy burning software. Download and install any patches and version updates available for the program you use to burn discs.