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Accessory FAQs

When it comes to choosing the right kind of media storage for your DVDs, you have to be careful. Buying the wrong kind of media storage could cause damage to your DVDs.

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  What are my options for DVD storage supplies?
  Is there a product that can repair the scraches on DVD discs?
  What is CD/DVD Plastic Wrap for ?
  Are there other storage solutions?


Q: What are my options for DVD storage supplies?

1. Single DVD cases

These hold one disc and are what most DVD movies come in these days. The best brand is AlphaPak. DVD cases can get bulky and stack up quickly. The discs normally sit on a ring and groove that prevent the bottom from touching the plastic to prevent scratches.

2. Double DVD Cases

As the name suggests, these hold two discs. The are similar to a single case, but with holsters on both sides or a middle
tray. Amaray makes really nice double cases.

3. Slim Single DVD Cases and
4. Slim Double DVD Cases

The classic DVD case is the industry standard for DVD packaging. Like the cases that hold your rented DVDs from the video store, DVD cases are often used for CD packaging as well. The standard DVD case holds one CD/DVD, has a clear outer film which holds a printed sleeve or wrap, and inner plastic clips which may hold a DVD booklet. The push button hub design varies between manufacturers; the most popular is produced by Amaray. Variations of the DVD case can hold up to 4 or more DVDs often with a hinge mechanism. Slim DVD cases are also available. These are ideal for mailouts or for maximizing shelf space. The most common colors are black and clear but cases are available in all varieties of colors.

5. Paper sleeves

Includes both window and flap - a standard sized paper sleeve, with matte finish. Features a clear plastic window on the front that allows your CD/DVD label to act as a cover, so you can see what the sleeve contains, plus a flap to help prevent the disk from slipping out unexpectedly.

6. DVD storage wallets

DVD Wallets are a great way to organize, carry and protect CD, and DVD disks. They protect the disks from scratches and smudges while keeping them easily accessible. This convenient case lets you bring along a selection of your favorites.

Is there a product that can repair the scraches on DVD discs?

Disc repair takes just about a minute to fix scratched discs. It's motorized, chemical- free operation for fast and easy disc repairs. The Disc repair can clean and repair up to 99% of all scratched discs fast, hands free operation the minimum amount of cleaning or repair solutions are required

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Q: What is CD/DVD Plastic Wrap for ?

Shrink-wrap is a new way to give your CD's or DVD's a totally professional look. Requires no special equipment. Just slide the item in, seal, and you're done! The shrink wrap is clear so that your case and/or label will show through.

Q: Are there other storage solutions?

CD DVD manager / organizer Library,  never Lose A CD, DVD Or CDRW Disc Again! The self-stackable CD Library (Storage/Retrieval Manager) links up to 128 units via USB hubs, providing a capacity of 19,200 CD/DVD/CDRW titles. Finding your CD takes only a single command from your PC, it can also work without a computer. Holds 150 CDs/unit.