Xerox WorkCentre C2424DX Ink Cartridges

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We are not really sure why the Xerox WorkCentre C2424DX is spelled "centre" and not the more familiar "center." defines both terms as the "the point, axis, or pivot about which a body rotates." In traditional English, "centre" is the accepted spelling, while those of us in the United States spell it "center." The last time we checked, Xerox is based in the U.S., making the mystery even more peculiar.

However it's spelled, you're here to buy Xerox WorkCentre ink cartridges for your Xerox WorkCentre C2424DX. SuperMediaStore stocks an extensive array of OEM and remanufactured Xerox WorkCentre ink cartridges for many printers from the Xerox WorkCentre series. All of our Xerox WorkCentre ink cartridges designed to fit the Xerox WorkCentre C2424DX are listed below.

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