Kyocera toner was a gleam in the eye of Kyoto Ceramics back in 1959. The company was originally founded as a manufacturer of industrial ceramics before shortening their name to the now familiar Kyocera. Their first product was a ceramic insulator for television sets, but the fortuitous rise of the computer industry opened up a new world of business opportunities for the company. As a result, ceramic semiconductors became a significant portion of Kyocera's output throughout the 1960s. In fact, this division of their company comprises a large portion of their business to this day. They eventually expanded to produce consumer electronics such as radios, CD players, cameras, computers, and computer printers. Interestingly, the company also produces a slew of other unrelated products such as ceramic bladed knives and ceramic tipped ball-point pens.

While SuperMediaStore doesn't carry ink for your Kyocera pen, we do sell Kyocera toner for your Kyocera printer. SuperMediaStore carries Kyocera OEM toners for the Kyocera CS, DC, FA, FS, and KM line of printers.  In addition, we also carry Kyocera compatible toners for select models.

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