HP LaserJet 1100ASE Toner Cartridges for HP LaserJet 1100ASE

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SuperMediaStore carries HP LaserJet toner cartridges designed for the HP LaserJet 1100ase , along with many other printers from HP's line of laser printers.

There's no denying the leading role Hewlett Packard has played in the advancement of the printer industry with their introduction of their first LaserJet printer model back in May of 1984. This printer sported a 300 DPI resolution and printed 8 pages per minute. The price tag? A whopping $3,495. It's safe to say that you didn't pay nearly as much for your LaserJet 1100ase . Fortunately, the years since have seen a gradual reduction in price allowing HP's LaserJet to go from untouchable luxury to indispensible office device. Within that time, the LaserJet line has seen some key milestones. In 1990, the release of the LaserJet III introduced PCL5, which provided for easy text scaling and allowed word processing software to move beyond 10 and 12 point font. In 2000, the company shipped their 50 millionth LaserJet printer, demonstrating the unparalleled market penetration enjoyed by HP.

You're here because you're the proud owner of one of these 50 million, an HP LaserJet 1100ase . SuperMediaStore offers original, compatible, and remanufactured HP LaserJet toner cartridges for a wide range of HP LaserJet printers. All HP LaserJet toner cartridges for the HP LaserJet 1100ase are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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