Canon LBP1760E Toner Cartridges

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A brief look at the impact of Canon LBP toner cartridges and the Canon LBP 1760E . . .

Your Canon LBP 1760E may seem like a normal, everyday printer, but it comes from a line of printers that holds great significance in the evolutionary line of the industry. This significance can be summed in six words: Four Color Vertical In-Line Engine. You may not be familiar with this term, but you have definitely seen it if you have ever opened your Canon LBP 1760E printer. It pertains to the arrangement of the toner cartridges, as this particular feature integrated four separate toner cartridges, each for a different color, in a vertical fashion. As Canon Europe describes, "The four colour toner cartridges are positioned vertically, delivering full-colour printing along the shortest possible route for a faster first print out. Maintenance and running costs are also cut considerably, as when the toner runs out you only need to change the cartridge for that colour." Today, similar arrangements can be found in many printers, but your Canon LBP 1760E comes from a series of printers that were among the first to incorporate it.

When it comes time to "change the cartridge for that colour," count on SuperMediaStore to have what you need. We stock OEM, remanufactured, and compatible Canon LBP toner cartridges for a wide swath of printers from the Canon LBP series. The toner cartridges designed to fit the Canon LBP 1760E are listed below.

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