Sony DGDAT320 4mm DAT320 160/320GB Data Tape Cartridge
Sony DGDAT320 4mm DAT320 160/320GB Data Tape Cartridge
Sony DGDAT320 4mm DAT320 160/320GB Data Tape Cartridge

Sony DGDAT320 4mm DAT320 160/320GB Data Tape Cartridge

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  • Condition: New
  • Storage Capacity: 160/320GB
  • Type: DAT320

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Product Description


If you have recently purchased a Sony DAT320 tape drive, you are obviously going to need a Sony 4mm DAT320 data tape cartridge in order to store your data. Furthermore, tape drives are also a fantastic method for creating back ups for your daily small business records. As technology improves, we are able to create smaller versions of products that provide you with the same amount of functionality. This is important because you will be able to reduce space and save money. Our Sony DAT320 cartridge is a great example of these advancements.


This innovative 4mm DAT320 cartridge is smaller than most other data tape cartridges. It measures only 73.0 x 14.7 mm. The smaller dimensions allow for easier archiving since it does not take up a large amount of space. Furthermore, this innovative data tape cartridge is also equipped with metal evaporation technology. This technology ensures that your cartridge will operate at a higher level of output as well as keeping the noise to a minimum.


Our Sony data tape cartridge is not just a space saving, efficient workhorse. This advanced device is also a terrific storage solution. It has a native capacity of 160 GB as well as a compressed capacity of 320GB. In addition to its great storage capacity, this cartridge also has a maximum transfer rate of 24 MB per second. And lastly, our data tape cartridge has a protective layer deposited onto the magnetic layer that helps provide more durability.


Product Specification

Data Transfer Rate


Media Technology

Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME)

Compressed Capacity


Native Capacity


Tape Width

Sony’s DAT320 (DGDAT320) cartridge offers the storage capacity of 160GB (native) and 320GB (compressed). Thanks to Sony’s technological experience as a Metal Evaporated media expert for over 20 years. DAT320 provides greater recording density in a small cartridge by adopting our ME and helical scan technologies already proven reliable in our AIT format.

Worm Functionality



Our Sony 4mm DAT320 data tape cartridge is an innovative tool that facilitates your ability to create tape back ups and data storage.

Product Specifications
Brand: SONY
Product #: DT 004 1816
Condition: new
OEM Brand: Sony
Packaged Quantity: 1 Pack
Product Name: DAT 320 Data Cartridge
Product Type: Data Cartridge
Quantity: 1 Pack
Storage Capacity: 160/320GB
Tape Technology: DAT - DAT 320
Type: DAT320
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