Microboards CopyWriter DVD PRM PRO-516 1 to 5 DVD Duplicator/ 80GB Hard Drive - Retail
Microboards CopyWriter DVD PRM PRO-516 1 to 5 DVD Duplicator/ 80GB Hard Drive - Retail

Microboards CopyWriter DVD PRM PRO-516 1 to 5 DVD Duplicator/ 80GB Hard Drive - Retail

Product Highlights

  • Condition: New
  • Type: CD/DVD Duplicator
  • Write Speed: Up to 48X (CD) and 16X (DVD)
  • Hard Drive: 80GB
  • Drives: 1 CD/DVD Reader and 5 CD/DVD Writers
  • Interface: Standalone - PC Connection Not Required
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty

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Product Description



Do you need a Microboards DVD/CD duplicator that can produce a large number of duplicates quickly and easily?


Well, you are in luck because LINKYO can help answer many questions about the Microboards CopyWriter DVD PRM PRO-516 1 to 5 duplicator. If you are a novice you will find this duplicator with an 80GB hard drive to be easy to use and if you are a technology-savvy “whiz kid”, then the added features of this duplicator will please you.


Record up to 5 discs all at once from a single master and produce countless duplicates in no time for your personal and business use. The Microboards CopyWriter boasts a menu-driven LCD display with extra options on its interface.


With a compact full height case the PRM PRO-516 is portable and if needed it can be taken from the home or office.  Because the PRM PRO-516 is easy to use does not mean that its specs will not impress even those familiar with DVD/CD duplication. 


Some great features include 5 (16X/48X) DVD/CD recorders, -R and +R DVD copying, stand alone DVD-R/CD-R duplication, one touch start, and updates installed though the DVD/CD that will meet your professional expectations.


Have you ever burned a copy of a DVD/CD only to find out that the final product had an error on it? The LED indicators provide a great way of preventing this from happening again because they detect errors during the recording process thus saving you time and money.


Additionally, if piracy is a concern, you will be pleased to discover that this duplicator can be used in conjunction with Microboards new CopyLock technology which creates a protected master and unlimited protected copies. 


You will enjoy finding the process modes are quite simple to navigate through, even for a beginner:

  • Actual Copy:
    Copy directly from the source DVD to the writer(s) simultaneously
  • Test Copy:
    Copy from the source DVD to the blank disc as a test, no data is burned to the disc
  •  Firmware Upgrade:Turn on power with the START button pressed, and insert the firmware disc into the master recorder. The system will automatically download the new firmware to the controller, and eject the disc when completed


If you are still not convinced of the superior functionality and quality of this DVD/CD duplicator, the 2-year limited warranty will provide you with the peace of mind that you are investing in above par product. So try Microboards Copywriter DVD/CD duplicator PRM Pro-516 today and fall in love with is as much as we have.


Product Specification


Microboards CopyWriter DVD PRM PRO-516 1 to 5 DVD Duplicator/80GB Hard Drive



Mfr Part #


Number of recorders

5 recorders

Max CD Speed


Max DVD Speed


Hard Drive



55 pounds.


7.5 inches(W) x 16.5 inches(D) x 17 inches(H)


2 year warranty



**Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Product Specifications
Product #: HD 001 1131
Condition: new
HardDriveCapacity: 80GB
Series: CopyWriter
Target: 1 to 5 Target
Type: Disc Duplicators
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