[EOL]Memorex CD DVD White Paper Sleeves with Clear Window (32021961) 100 Pack
[EOL]Memorex CD DVD White Paper Sleeves with Clear Window (32021961) 100 Pack

[EOL]Memorex CD DVD White Paper Sleeves with Clear Window (32021961) 200 Pack

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Since you are looking for our Memorex paper CD/DVD sleeve bulk packs, we can assume that you are looking for the best bargain you can find. Our wholesale pricing is ideal for any business that requires a high amount of CD duplication but lacks a suitable safeguard for their optical storage discs. Furthermore, we offer a small selection of bulk sizes so that you can accurately meet your particular need for CD sleeves. Don’t risk damaging your meticulously created projects by leaving the discs exposed.


These Memorex paper sleeves are thin, light, and tidy. A CD sleeve generally requires less space for storage when compared to a traditional plastic case, thus you can store more in a designated area. Also, these sleeves help protect against damage such as scratches and dust. Lastly, the subtle, white design gives these Memorex sleeves a professional appeal, making them a versatile choice for office storage and distributing to clients.



  • 3 quantities available for bulk packaging
  • Equipped with transparent acetate window
  • Black flap secures disc into the CD packaging

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Remember, if you’re a bargain hunter that needs bulk quantities of sleeves, our Memorex paper CD/DVD sleeve bulk packs are the quality solution you are looking for.



Product Reviews
Overall Customer Rating:
3.0 out of 5.0
They Have Changed for the Worse
By on
I've been using these paper dvd sleeves with clear front window and back tab for about 6 years to archive my discs.

Unfortunately, they have changed for the worse.

First: the size is now slightly larger. So, now these new sleeves protrude about 2mm above the rest of my archived discs. It is annoying. And the larger size lets the disc move about in the sleeve slightly.

Second: the paper is of worse quality. The paper is coarse and has a slight yellow tint to it compared to the same sleeves I've been using before.

Third: the interior used to be smoother and I felt confident disc wouldn't be scratched but the interior of the sleeve is the same texture as the exterior. Coarse and when I take a disc out of the sleeve, there are specs of paper dust (?) stuck to the surface of disc I have to blow off.

Fourth: I can confirm that the paper they are using is different because I write the date and title of the disc content on the paper sleeve with a black Papermate Permanent Marker. On the old sleeves, the paper took the ink perfectly, no problem. On these new sleeves, the ink bleeds and the edges of the letters are feathered and ugly... like writing on blotting paper or a Bounty paper towel...

Finally: I ordered 9 boxes but I only received 8.

Sorely disappointed. And I wish I would have ordered just 1 box but since it's the same Memorex sleeves in the same packaging, I hadn't even considered that the product had changed...
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Product #: AC 005 2952 X 2
MPN #: 32021961-200-Pack
Quantity: 200 Pack
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