SuperMediaStore DVD Duplicator built-in 22X LightScribe / Double Layer 1 to 6 Burner (FREE 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade!)
SuperMediaStore DVD Duplicator built-in 22X LightScribe / Double Layer 1 to 6 Burner (FREE 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade!)

SuperMediaStore DVD Duplicator built-in 22X LightScribe / Double Layer 1 to 6 Burner (FREE 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade!)

Product Highlights

  • Condition: New
  • Type: CD/DVD Duplicator w/ LightScribe
  • Write Speed: Up to 40X (CD) and 22X (DVD)
  • Hard Drive: Free 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Drives: 1 CD/DVD Reader and 6 CD/DVD Writers
  • Interface: Standalone - PC Connection Not Required
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Product Description


As a revered seller of disc duplication devices, we want to recommend our SuperMediaStore 1 to 6 CD/DVD duplicator with built-in 22X LightScribe/ Double Layer burner for your next duplicator. Our great duplicator has a wide variety of features that make it a reliable, versatile, and time-saving choice for you. Additionally, it has our appreciated discounted pricing that allows you to get one of the best bargains available.


If you’re tired of applying label after label to your discs after they are duplicated, the LightScribe capabilities of our duplicator will surely put the pep back into your production process. The LightScribe burner that is equipped onto this duplicator enables it to print images with distinct clarity. It will print right onto the discs surface at a speed that is much faster than peeling and pasting labels.


Our easy to use duplicator also has a simple interface and large LCD display. These features make it a great choice for any distributor regardless of experience level. Additionally, our duplicators are subjected to strict testing that helps to ensure their quality. You can purchase our disc duplication device with confidence because you know you will be acquiring a reliable product.


  • Completely stand alone.
  • Supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and Dual Layer DVD+/-R blank media.
  • Duplicator will automatically recognize disc format and begin burning process
  • By turning on the Skip Read Error, the system will try to skip any minor disc errors in order to avoid copy failure.
  • This feature allows users to reset the system to the original factory settings.
  • System does not require cool down or warm up times. You will be able to enjoy continuous burning and printing.

Remember, if you want a duplicator that allows you to get rid of those pesky sticker labels, you need to purchase this SuperMediaStore 1 to 6 CD/DVD duplicator with built-in 22X LightScribe/ Double Layer burner.

Click here for DVD Duplication Controller FAQ

Product Specification**


LINKYO LightScribe DVD Duplicator built-in  LightScribe / Double Layer Burner / with Free 500GB HD

Operating Type


Internal interface



1-6  target

Reader Type



Writer Type

22X LightScribe / Double Layer DVD Burner

Maximum Writing Speed

    DVD-R: 22X

    DVD-RW: 6X

    DVD+R: 20X

    DVD+RW: 8X

    DVD+R DL: 8X

    DVD-R DL: 8X

    CD-R: 40X

    CD-RW: 32X

*Maximum writing speed depends on the CD/DVD writers manufacture specifications

Supported Disc Formats

DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, CD-DA (Audio CD), CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-ROM XA Mode 2, Multi-session Photo CD, CD-I, Video CD, CD Extra (CD Plus)

Supported Recording Discs

12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW
12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW
12cm 8.5GB DL DVD
12cm 80min/700MB CD-R
12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW
8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R
8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R
8cm 50MB Business CD-R

Power Adapter

Input: 100 ~ 240V AC
Output: +5V DC, 3.8A

Operating Temperature

40°F ~ 95 °F

Operating Humidity

20% ~ 80%




1 year

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
**The duplicator will not copy any copy-protected discs.



All CD/DVD Unit




1 Target



10 x 10 x 14

1 Target w/ HD

15 x 7 x 7


18 x 9 x 10

3 Target

16 x 9 x 10


20½ x 14½ x 14

4 Target

16 x 9 x 13½


20½ x 18 x 14

5 Target

16 x 9 x 13½


20½ x 18 x 14

6 Target

16 x 9 x 17


21 x 20½ x 14

7 Target

16 x 9 x 17


21 x 20½ x 14

8 Target

16 x 9 x 21


25 x 20½ x 15

9 Target

16 x 9 x 21


25 x 20½ x 15

10 Target

16 x 9 x 24


28½ x 20½ x 15

11 Target

16 x 9 x 24


28½ x 20½ x 15

13 Target

16 x 9 x 28


25 x 14x 33

14 Target

17 x17 x 16


21 x 22 x 24



Product Reviews
Overall Customer Rating:
4.0 out of 5.0
Great product but the software harder to figure out
By on
The machine is GREAT! Now that it is up and running the lightscribe printing as well as the cd copying is going smoothly. Shipping took longer than I anticipated it should have taken, BUT it did arrive in plenty of time to get the 1st wave of our project completed..
SOFTWARE... figuring out how to get the image of the disk onto the disk for copying ... THAT was a challenge! Come to find out the image needs to be written onto the CD, not imprinted.. then the data is then read off the master disk and onto the disks being copied ... took both our son and son-in-law most of thanksgiving day to figure out the process... but again, it got figured out and is running very smoothly and we are happy with the purchase!
Product Specifications
Product #: HD 001 3240
MPN #: LS_DVD_Her_6T
Condition: new
HardDriveCapacity: 250GB
Speed: 22X
Surface: LightScribe
Target: 1 to 6 Target
Type: Disc Duplicators
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