[EOL] HP Lightscribe 52X CD-R Media 50 Pack in Cake Box
[EOL] HP Lightscribe 52X CD-R Media 50 Pack in Cake Box

HP Lightscribe 52X CD-R Media 100 Pack in Cake Box

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Product Description

LightScribe Media Version 1.2

LightScribe Media Version 1.2 (MV 1.2) is the next performance step in LightScribe media, resulting from improvements in the LightScribe coating chemistry. Like the original LightScribe media, MV 1.2 will scribe in black on a gold background. Label times will be faster, contrast options will be greater, and will be backwards compatible with existing optical drives.

In response to customer requests, MV 1.2 gives LightScribe customers have more control over their LightScribe imaging experience, by allowing them to trade off imaging-time against image contrast.

The difference between the CD and DVD images in Media Version 1.2 is less apparent than with the original LightScribe media. The archival/shelf life of MV1.2 is expected to be comparable to the original media.

Media Version 1.2 is compatible with all existing LightScribe hardware. A simple software update -through a download of new System Software (driver) file - is all that is required for optimal labeling with MV 1.2.

  • BURN music, digital photo albums, presentations and home movies directly on your CD. FLIP.... Inscribe/Burn your customized label. ALL with one laser...in one drive!
  • Professional-quality labels: laser precision and detail means no more marker scrawl or adhesive labels to center, only to have them peel off the disc
  • Simplicity: no-hassle labels, just burn the disc, flip it and burn the label
  • Durability: the disc's image-ready coating is an integral part of its manufacture, providing long-lasting, scratch-resistant labels
  • Mobility: labels can be burned wherever and whenever a disc is burned, no need for a printer
  • Creativity: freedom to combine text and graphics in simple or complex labels that reflect one's personality and attitude

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Brand: HP
Product #: CD 002 0517 X 2
MPN #: LCR00030XM-100 Pack
Quantity: 100 Pack
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