ACRONOVA Xymba XB57LS-RMP Automated LightScribe CD/DVD Publisher / 80 Disc Capacity - Retail
ACRONOVA Xymba XB57LS-RMP Automated LightScribe CD/DVD Publisher / 80 Disc Capacity - Retail

ACRONOVA Xymba XB57LS-RMP Automated LightScribe CD/DVD Publisher / 80 Disc Capacity - Retail

Product Highlights

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Automated CD/DVD Publisher w/ LightScribe
  • Write Speed: Up to 40X (CD) and 20X (DVD)
  • Disc Capacity: 80 Discs
  • Drives: 1 CD/DVD Writer and 1 CD/DVD Labeler
  • Interface: USB 2.0 (High Speed)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Product Description


Generate higher levels of productivity for your duplication process with the use of our ACRONOVA Xymba XB57LS-RMP automated LightScribe CD/DVD publisher. These Xymba series of automated publishers have built-in hard drives that make them a great standalone device. Furthermore, they also have a DiscFlip feature that enables the device the ability to burn onto both sides of a double-sided disc. This is a unique duplicator that sets itself apart from other more expensive models of duplicator.


Additionally, this duplicator has LightScribe capabilities. LightScribe printing laser-etches designs and images directly onto the surface of your disc. These images are often clearer, sharper, and longer-lasting than those produced with inkjet printing. Furthermore, you will not experience many of the consequences of inkjet printing such as cracking or peeling labels and color fading.


In addition to LightScribe printing, this disc publisher also has a very useful loading and sync-unloading mechanism. It uses independent loaders and un-loaders to transport discs one at a time. This unique form of moving discs is a time saver that shortens the cycle for duplication. The system still process discs in the order that they are entered.


This XB57LS-RMP is also very small. Its dimensions will not use much space whether it is on your desk or in your small business. Furthermore, it protects your discs with the use of its lockable cabinet. Once the cabinet is closed, it prevents dust and dirt from entering and harming your blank media.


If you are in need of an upgrade for your disc duplicator, you should purchase our ACRONOVA Xymba XB57LS-RMP automated LightScribe CD/DVD publisher.

For in-house disc publishing with automatically burning and labeling, Xymba XB47LS comes with QQboxx and other software to perform the following tasks:


Disc-to-Disc Duplication
Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs. Simply interleave master discs and blank disc to perform multi-master disc duplication.

HDD-to-Disc Duplication (with SFOD support)
Set up jobs to burn disc images or digital files from local and remote hard drives to CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs with SFOD (span-files-over-discs) capability. Support Windows Neighborhood and Map Network Drives.

Disc-to-HDD Back Up
Backup your discs by saving the files or disc images to hard drives. Simply load the discs to the loader, Nimbie USB and QQboxx will do the rest in automation.

Directly Labeling on Discs with Green Technology
Xymba not only burns and duplicates discs, but also directly labels discs. By partnership with Hewlett-Packard, LightScribe technology delivers smudge-free, high solution and professional looking disc labels without ink cartridges. Be "green" and use this environment friendly solution that eliminates ink cartridge wastes and no more out-of-ink hassle at the same time.


Time Saving Loading and Sync-Unloading Mechanism
Traditional auto-loaders use a robotic arm which moves back and forth to pick up, load and unload discs one at a time. Xymba employs independent loader and sync-unloader eliminating complex arm movements, shortening the cycle time, and increasing the production.





Require appropriate software running on the host computer or the
embedded motherboard


Separated loading and sync-unloading mechanism, patent-pending

Input Hopper:

80 disc capacity

Output Hopper:

80 disc capacity


Standard 120 mm disc

Reject Tray:

3 discs with overflow capability

Optical Disc Drive:

Two optical disc drives; industry standard 5-1/4" form factor

Write Speed:

40x maximum for CD-R duplication
20x maximum for DVD+/-R duplication

Hard-Drive: 3.5" hard drive on Xymba-Embedded models

Write CD Formats:

To be determined by the software

Host PC:

PC Windows XP/Vista/7 64/32-bit


Networking capability available on embedded Xymba models

System Display:

LED displays

Dimension (WxDxH):

9-1/4" x 17" x 16-9/4"

Package Size:

16" x 24" x 24"


29 lbs (net); 35lb (gross)


100-240 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz


CE, FCC, UL (power supply)



Product Specifications
Product #: HD 001 3286
Build-in Burner: LightScribe Burner
Capacity: 80 Discs
Condition: new
Series: Xymba USB DiscFlip
Size: 9 1/4 x 17 x 16 9/4 inch
Speed: 20X
Surface: LightScribe
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