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The introduction of the USB flash drive in 2000 answered the frustrated pleas of computer users everywhere.  Being a portable device capable of storing high volumes of data, it managed to end the floppy drive's reign as the first choice for transporting files.  Fifteen years ago, if a user lacked a local area network and wanted to transfer a large amount of data from one computer to another, he or she would've been left with a few unpleasant options.  First, a dial-up connection could've been employed, but its extremely slow connection would've resulted in an excruciatingly long process.  Second, the data could've been copied over to a CD, but CD burners of that era were cost-prohibitive for most users.  Third, the files could've been copied over to floppy disk, but with its paltry 1.44 megabytes of storage, it would've resulted in having to span the data over a multitude of disks. No doubt, the it was a long-awaited and much-needed innovation.

The USB flash drive's convenient size and storage capacity makes it the method of choice when it comes to saving your photos, music, and other important documents. Its portability allows users to keep their flash drive on their keychain, wallet, pocket, or to be worn as an accessory.  Because people keep them so close, SuperMediaStore offers customization!

For those who need to copy data to multiple drives, check out our selection of USB flash drive duplicators.  These machines will make the duplication process automatic and headache free! carries USB flash drives from major brands such as SanDisk , Kingston , PQI , AData , and Super Talent with storage capacity ranging from 1 to 256 gigabytes. To make these little wonders even more convenient, we back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee