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As you’re perusing our website for Sharp toner, consider the long road the Japanese electronics giant has traveled up to now. The rich history of Sharp is inextricably linked to the history of Japanese electronics itself. Their ability to swiftly adapt to emerging trends allowed them to be the first to introduce and market many products which are considered standard, household fixtures today.
Company founder, Tokuji Hayakawa saw the coming age of radio after buying a United States import during the early 1920s. Already a leading manufacturer of everyday products such as belt buckles and pencils, Hayakawa’s company began manufacturing radios – the first Japanese company to do so – in 1925. Interestingly, the official corporate history published on Sharp’s website claims that Hayakawa and his team knew very little about the principal concepts of radio and electricity when they began development. Their talent and fortitude allowed them to persevere, and eventually, the name “Sharp” became synonymous with the term “radio.”
What about television, you ask? Once again, Sharp was the first to bring it to the people of Japan. The company released the TV3-14T in 1953 and budding couch potatoes across the country found a new best friend.
But what were these couch potatoes to do during commercials? Heat a TV dinner of course. Sharp saw this golden opportunity and within a decade, the company was the first to market a microwave oven in Japan. A few years later, they topped it by introducing the world’s first microwave oven with the now standard turntable.
Sharp eventually branched out to the produce document solutions such as photocopiers and laser printers. But you’re well aware of that since you’re here looking for Sharp toner. Fortunately, SuperMediaStore provides Sharp AR and MX series toner cartridges (on top of lessons in corporate history) to get your printer up and running. Shop with confidence because all of our Sharp toner is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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