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What do fashionable people and printer ink have in common?  The need to accessorize.  Many humans have an unending desire to buy the latest Louis Vuitton handbag or Rolex watch.  Your printer ink dreams of getting printhead cleaning cartridges and ink refill kits.  Applying a fresh cleaning cartridge is like giving your ink a brand new sterling silver tennis bracelet.  Refilling that cartridge with an ink kit is the equivalent of bestowing an 18K gold fountain pen wrapped in red ribbon. 

The best part is accessorizing printer ink won’t cost a fortune like human accessories often do.  A Louis Vuitton purse could set you back several hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.  A printhead cleaning cartridge?  Three dollars and forty-nine cents.  And the printer ink will probably be more grateful to you in the long run, giving you cleaner print jobs and greater text clarity. 

Consider SuperMediaStore to be the Rodeo Drive of printer ink.  We carry the ink accessories you need to keep your printer ink looking sharp, all at everyday low prices and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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See All Ink Accessories