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From Okidata telephones to Okidata ink, the history of the Oki Electric Industry Company spans more than a century. Kibataro Oki was an engineer working for the Japan 's Ministry of Industry throughout the 1870s. Being a part of the team that reverse engineered Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone, Oki recognized the transformative power that the new device held. Seeing a golden business opportunity, Oki started his own company in 1881 to produce telephone receivers for the emerging Japanese phone market. Originally called Meikosha, the company was eventually renamed to the now familiar, Oki.

The rapid expansion of the Japanese economy in the years following World War II led Oki to focus their attention on the business sector. The company began developing and manufacturing advanced typewriters throughout the 1960s and branched out into producing computer components and printers during the 70s and 80s; Oki would eventually spin their computer business off to form Okidata Corporation. From the 1990s to today, much of Oki's focus has been on offering network solutions to businesses.

The history of Oki from their origins as an early Japanese telephone maker to their current involvement in the global tech industry mirrors the development of the telecommunications industry as a whole. From Bell 's invention of the late 1800s to the World Wide Web of today, Okidata has been there the entire way. SuperMediaStore cannot make the claim of being in business since the 19th century, but we can make the claim of providing quality Okidata ink for their Microline series of printers. All of our Okidata ink is available at everyday low prices and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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