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The professional recorder is more than just a machine designed to capture your music.  It should be regarded as the modern day equivalent of Gutenberg’s printing press – a device that can capture individual thought, replicate it, and spread it across vast distances to be heard by whoever is willing to listen.  Those who disregard the value of this should take note of the printing press’ transformative power.  Centuries ago, the seemingly simple ability to print written text gradually promoted free thought and literacy, weakening the tight grip held by the ruling class on education and religion.  Understanding this means understanding the true value of the professional recorder.

SuperMediaStore’s collection of professional recorders from Microboards, Teac, and Tascam are not devices merely meant to copy music to various storage options such as compact discs and flash media.  They’re modern day wonders that could take your creativity to parts of the world you will never visit and to hordes of people you will never meet. 

We all have something to say and many would cite it as their reason for creating music.  Start spreading your message today with a professional recorder from SuperMediaStore.