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MicroSDHC Card

Micro SDHC cards are the result of the SD Card Association’s ability to maneuver in a rapidly changing tech landscape.  SD memory cards were released in 1999 to critical acclaim for their convenience and portability.  When storage limitations became an issue, the Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) format was introduced, increasing storage capacity and allowing for higher quality photos and video.  When the cell phone industry produced smaller phones throughout the last decade, the physical size of the SD card was found to be too large.  The SD Card Association adapted once again by shrinking it and introducing the MicroSDHC format.

Coupled with its extremely compact size, it’s the perfect removable storage option for cell phones.  With an adapter, they’re compatible with devices that read conventional SDHC cards – this adapter is included with most of the MicroSDHC cards sold at SuperMediaStore.
Check out our selection of Micro SDHC cards from leading manufacturers AData, Kingston, Patriot, PQI, and Ritek Ridata with storage capacity ranging from 4 to 32 gigabytes.