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About Micro SD Cards

These days, SD Cards have gotten smaller than ever. These smaller-sized cards are called micro SD cards, measuring only 15mm by 11mm by 1mm. SuperMediaStore’s micro SD cards are used primarily in cell phones and digital cameras, with many modern laptops having slots to allow you to easily transfer data.

Consumers became familiar with SD cards in the early days of computers and digital cameras. The consumer would take photos, then remove the card holding the photos and insert it into a card reader plugged into his or her computer. Over time, the purpose of SD cards has become more transparent. Music and photos are still stored on micro SD cards, but the user generally transfers information to computers via data cables.

As consumers begin relying on smartphones for everything from photographing and video recording life’s important moments, storage needs are gradually increasing. Instead of upgrading to a new cell phone, which can cost hundreds of dollars, you can replace your micro SD card at prices starting at just a few dollars. SuperMediaStore has micro SD cards in 2GB, 4GB, 16GB, and even 32GB capacities, giving you plenty of space for storing your music, photos, and videos.

SuperMediaStore’s micro SD cards are in the SDHC format, which contains the FAT32 file system. Check your device’s compatibility with SDHC cards. For older devices and devices that are designed for SDHC micro SD cards, a firmware upgrade may allow the SDHC card to work.

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See All Micro SD Cards